8/29 Soler to play instructional league

The Cubs did consider having Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler play in the Arizona Fall League but feel he needs more time. Soler, who signed a nine-year, $30 million deal with the Cubs in late June, was expected to play in the Cubs instructional league in Mesa this fall. The 20-year-old outfielder was batting .305 with two home runs and five doubles in 15 games with Class A Peoria.

“Jorge hasn’t played much baseball,” said Brandon Hyde, the Cubs’ Minor League field coordinator who was promoted Wednesday to the club’s director of player development. “We’re excited about the start he’s had in Peoria. He just hasn’t played much and we want to get him in instructional league and get him five weeks to ge this legs underneath him and get in playing shape. He was short on experience this last year. He’s a special talent.”

— Carrie Muskat


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I’m curious. Did anyone point out to Hyde that what he just said was “We gave a 9yr $30M contract to an out-of-shape 20 yr old that just hasn’t played much baseball”? His words, not mine. Carrie, please please please be our voice in the meetings and call these guys on this stuff.

I heard he had not played much baseball in the last few months as he was working on doing what he needed to do with his citizenship, to be eligible for professional baseball. I would assume that’s what Hyde is talking about.

I see where Jorge Soler is not going to play in the AFL this fall but instead is playing for the Cubs Instructional team in Mesa. Can anyone tell me what that is and whether fans can attend? I attend a handful of AFL games per year but have not heard of the instructional team before.

Soler could not play organized baseball while he was waiting for the immigration process to be finalized. That’s what Hyde means. Soler is 20, he has a bright future, and there is a slight chance he could start in the instructional league, and get some at-bats in the AFL if the Cubs see progress. Having seen Soler play, I think this is a good move. Also, instructional league games are free and open to the public. They’re played at team’s Minor League facilities (Fitch Park in Mesa, for example)

Soler just needs ABs plain and simple…. whether its the instructional league or AFL I could careless. He just needs to get as many ABs as possible since he is behind a little bit. I could see Soler progressing very fast if he continues what he is doing.

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