8/30 Staying positive

Unfortunately for David DeJesus, he’s played on losing teams before, so he has dealt with what the Cubs are going through this season. That doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. DeJesus says he sticks to his routine and hopes the young players follow that example.

“It’s showing guys the professional side of it,” DeJesus said. “I’ve been through a lot of losing in my career so I understand it’s tough and it’s not something you want to be a part of. I understand that tomorrow’s another game, and tomorrow you have to show up and be mentally ready and physically ready to perform.”

DeJesus and Anthony Rizzo have been working out together before games. It should help the rookie develop a routine. DeJesus thinks Rizzo can handle the ups and downs of a Major League season.

“I think he’s mentally strong,” DeJesus said. “I think he’s a guy who lets go of yesterday’s stuff and comes today refreshed.”

DeJesus keeps a positive attitude. The Cubs now are a season-low 31 games under .500.

“It’s not fun coming to the park every day,” DeJesus said of teams in losing seasons. “You have a little more chance to lose than not. You have to understand this is a game of professionals. We’re men, we have to do a job, and we have to put our best foot forward.”

— Carrie Muskat


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