9/2 Soriano hits No. 25

Alfonso Soriano hit a three-run home run, his 25th, in the fifth inning Sunday. He’s the 10th player with at least four 25-home run seasons with the Cubs, joining Sammy Sosa, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Aramis Ramirez, Ryne Sandberg, Hank Sauer, Bill Nicholson, and Hack Wilson. Soriano connected off the Giants’ Matt Cain.

“I just work hard to be a consistent player,” Soriano said. “I love what I do, and work hard every day to be consistent. The most important thing is to try to help the team win. If I put up good numbers, I can help the team win.”

When he walked out of the trainer’s room after Sunday’s game, Soriano was limping. That’s because he’d just received more treatment for his left knee, a ritual that requires him to be at the ballpark about two to three hours before everyone else. It’s not a big deal, he said.

“I play this game with my heart,” Soriano said. “Anything I do on the field is because I love it. If I’m healthy and play 130 games, 140 games, I know my numbers are there.”

Cain was hoping the elements would keep Soriano’s home run in the ballpark.

“You turn around and hope the wind catches it,” Cain said. “But when he gets a hold of the ball, I don’t think it matters if the wind’s blowing. He put a good swing on that ball and got all of it.”

— Carrie Muskat

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