9/5 Soriano’s stellar stats

Alfonso Soriano is one of six players in Major League history to reach at least 350 home runs, 400 doubles, 250 stolen bases, 1,000 RBIs and 1,000 runs scored. He joinsWillie Mays, Andre Dawson, Gary Sheffield, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. Now in his sixth season with the Cubs, Soriano has joined Dawson as the only two players in Cubs history to reach 20 home runs in each of his first six seasons with the club. Soriano’s 158 Cubs home runs already rank 13th on the team all-time.

With 27 games still to play this season, Soriano enters Wednesday’s game with 26 home runs and 88 RBIs in 2012, identical numbers to his 2011 season-ending totals. The 88 RBIs each of his last two seasons represent his highest single-season totals with the Cubs. Soriano’s average of one home run per 18.63 at bats with the Cubs is the sixth-best mark in franchise history (minimum 100 home runs), trailing only Sammy Sosa, Hank Sauer, Hack Wilson, Aramis Ramirez and Ernie Banks.

— Carrie Muskat




Soriano and Pena… Yaaaaawwwwnnnnn!!!!!

Today’s lineup for the Cubs

CF – that guy named Dejesus (I think). Or is it action Jac”K”son where the “K” does not mean “Kill the ball” but rather strikeout.
SS – Fidel, err I mean Starlin Castro.
RF – I can’t remember. Sapoot? Grubenfruger?
1B – The savior Rizzo
LF – The old overpriced guy
C – One of the 4 no-namers who have a combined .200 batting average
3B – Can we skip this one. Whoever it is will either be a strikeout or a double play,
2B – Alas, Barney Fife…
P – They’re all the same. Give you 5 innings and give up 7 runs. Does it really matter?

What about that matador defense Sorry displayed on that very catchable fly ball he never got a glove on recently? He surrenders as many runs with his porous defense as he produces with the bat.

Exactly. But that is how he keeps his errorless season going…fooling all the foolish into thinking he is “stellar”. Wasn’t so stellar prior to 5/25. Oh well, he is having a GOOD season and he still appears to be yesterday’s news. I guess playing for one of the biggest contracts in MLB history, NOT delivering when needed, and now refusing to go to another playoff challenging team (to what? NOT deliver AGAIN?) speaks volumes.

Still, having over 200 total chances and holding 0 errors is a vast improvement. Though I credit McKay for that more than Soriano for some reason.

Soriano’s stats seem to group him a lot with hall of fame players. funny stuff.

yes i noticed that too. he’s got a 40-40 and a few 30-30 seasons as well. just didn’t perform up to par with the cubs.

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no one is coming to your family picnic give it a rest…

The Funkhouser family eh!! Sounds like a good distraction to me but then again I’ve never been to a game at Wrigley. Love to though. Maybe in a cople of years when I retire and count down my Bucket List whci hincludes sitting in the bleechers at Wrigley. I have the shirt and I have the patience….it would be nice to have the chance to watch a winning team as well but we carnt have it all can we.
The optimist in me says The cubs will come good next year or in 2014…the law of averages…

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