9/6 Cubs vs. Nationals

The Cubs will be happy to leave Washington D.C. after Thursday’s series finale against the Nationals. This has not been fun. The Cubs have been out-hit, 61-40, out-scored 34-16, out-homered, 16-2, and outplayed in the six games so far. On Wednesday, the Nats hit six home runs for the second straight night, and, according to Elias Sports Bureau, became the third team in Major League history to do so.

“That’s just men playing against boys right now,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said.

Sveum didn’t get to watch the end of Wednesday’s game from the dugout. With one out and a 1-0 count to Michael Morse in the Nationals’ fifth, Sveum was ejected by home plate umpire Larry Vanover.

“I just didn’t appreciate him eyeballing our dugout for absolutely no reason at all,” Sveum said. “I just don’t think that’s right when you’re looking in our dugout for no apparent reason at all.”

Welington Castillo had complained about a called third strike in the Cubs fifth, which may have prompted Vanover to keep an eye on the dugout.

The Cubs are batting .207 against the Nationals so far, and Justin Germano takes the mound Thursday. It’s been tough for the young players.

“Hopefully, they have the thick skin to handle what they are going through,” Sveum said. “It’s not that fun to be at this level and struggle that badly. So you tell them don’t worry about your numbers — I want to see improvements and adjustments and see what can happen then.”

The Cubs need to go 12-14 to avoid a 100-loss season.

— Carrie Muskat



“That’s just the men playing against the boys right now” – And why is this so? Because everyone was on the “youth” bandwagon earlier in the season. So instead of gradually bringing up the “younguns” we stripped the team of too many of our seasoned experienced players. Now who’s crying! Reed Johnson is now having a great season with the Braves. Malholm is doing well. Soto and Dempster are doing well. The Cubs are not doing well. We have some really good players left – Barney, Castro, DeJesus (but he is old, oh dear), Rizzo (young but good) and (dare I say it) Soriano. As for pitching we have Smarj. and a couple of “maybes”. I wonder how many other teams have literally stripped their dugout of so many seasoned proven players so completely. I still love the Cubs but it is very hard to watch the struggling “babies” we have brought up too soon.

Dempster has a ERA of 4.36 with Texas and Geo is hitting .222 for them… is that really enough to have kept them around? HECK NO… Maholm’s ERA is around the same but slightly higher and Reed’s OPS is significantly lower than what it was here granted he is still hitting well. But we got a piece that next year could pay off. I just don’t see why you are so upset. The Cubs were going to suck the same with them or without them. The only race we are in is the race to get a better draft pick so why not sell high on guys that are easily replaceable and get some pieces that could pay off big time in the future? I don’t know man I am not seeing the negatives. Now if we would have traded Garza, Shark, Castro, or Rizzo sure I would be upset because those guys have a bright future for the Cubs. But not one of the guys that were traded had a future with this club whether it be age, cost, or production.

I guess I am upset because before we traded those guys away we were at least winning some games. Since then we have bombed. I am upset because the Cubs fans seem to want it one way and then when they get the young players up that they wanted brought up they damn the Cubs for losing. So what to they want? They want wins and are not willing to wait for the new team to gel. I admit it tears me up trying to decide what I want to see happen. But I am tired of the Cubs being ripped up one side and down the other by fans who wanted changes in players and then screaming when it doesn’t work the way they wanted it to. Oh heck, I just want the players to feel some love from the fans for their hard work.

Well stated Petrey.

Oops, meant to reply to you Petrey…WELL STATED!!

ok so which way do you want it? you are arguing both sides…. the fact is if coming into this season you thought the Cubs were going to be competitive you were way to optimistic. How do you expect the FO to rebuild if they don’t BLOW this crappy team up? It needed to happen and they probably should have gotten rid of more. Now they need to start spending a little each offseason on the right guys… make a trade or two… start rebuilding this team. I can’t take another season like this…

You are totally right. I am a total “waffle head”. One minute I want things the way they were and the next I see the reason of rebuilding the team from the ground up. But what really bothers me is the way the fans react when the Cubs lose all the games in the process of rebuilding. Seems to me that if we want the rebuilding process to happen we also need to continue to show the guys our support – win or lose. I think we should stop calling them losers, dunces, blah blah blah. Let the rebuilding continue and the degrading of the players stop. If we can show them that we care about them through this process then I for one can stop “waffling” from one side to the next.

White the point of “degrading” the team is to hopefully be heard that we aren’t satisfied with the junk that is on the field. Are we rebuilding? YES absolutely…. but do I have to sit here and RAH RAH cheer for this team? HECK NO! I want to express my dissatisfaction with losing games at an alarming rate. Thats part of being a FAN. I will cheer when they win but that just isn’t happening right now. I am not here to coddle the Cubs. I am here to see them win their first WS since 1908…. end of story…

Well stated AGAIN Petrey!!

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