9/7 Fighting spirit

Major League Baseball has yet to issue any penalties to Cubs bench coach Jamie Quirk, catcher Steve Clevenger or pitcher Manuel Corpas, who were ejected from Thursday’s game against the Nationals in a wild fifth inning. Quirk was ejected first after a shouting match with Nationals third base coach Bo Porter that appeared to be prompted by Jayson Werth swinging at a 3-0 pitch when his team had a five-run lead. Clevenger and Corpas were tossed following a bench-clearing fracas on the field after Cubs pitcher Lendy Castillo threw inside to Bryan Harper.

Sometimes, a little dust up is a good thing.

“I’ve seen it happen before,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “It usually actually works for the better. You don’t want things like that to happen but it’s part of the game. Usually in 162 games, something like that will happen. A lot of times in my career, that has rallied a team together and the team starts playing better.”

Sveum remembers at least two brawls doing just that — one while he was with the Brewers and another when he was with the Red Sox. Did Sveum feel Werth violated one of baseball’s unwritten rules in his at-bat?

“I didn’t think so, no,” Sveum said. “It was the fifth inning. I don’t expect my team to stop playing in the fifth inning. I didn’t have any problem with anything they did.”

— Carrie Muskat


I like how he’s just all Okay with the fight! Haha

Not really sure why the move to replace Soto with Clevenger other than money saved. Clevenger has been a disappointment offensively and defensively, plus he carries an attitude that the Cubs can do without.

Hmm…never really seen his “attitude” being his calling card like A.J. Pierzinsky. Even if it was just to save money by trading Soto, so be it. The money could be used in better areas other than Soto’s bank account. Don’t forget, Soto was also a disappointment offesnsivley and defensivley. I think Castillo may be the one to step up and grab a starting job next spring with Clevenger gone or on the bench. I wouldn’t count on Clevenger being the no. 1 catcher next season……Could be A.J. …..THERE’s some irony for ya Joe V. 🙂

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