9/9 Cubs lineup

Mather CF

Barney 2B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Vitters 3B

Sappelt RF

Recker C

Rusin P


Well so many fans keep saying “Play the young ones” – here you go Mamma Mia. Alot of younguns!!! I do hope Brett Jackson’s knee is okay. That was a horrible collision. Castillo at SS??? This is novel. Hope we can have a good game in spite of the drastic changes today. Go Cubs.

I’m ok with playing the young ones, even Vitters. But Mathers? Why? Why?
Sandberg named minor league manager of the year. The Cubs cutting ties with him still stings. Sveum may get a lot better once the roster is more settled but he sure has not looked as good as promised by any means. I suppose he is one of the “young ones” as well? And we are seeing if HE can manage just as we are seeing if players can play. Is Sveum sacred to Epstein? He shouldn’t be. Epstein should keep an open mind regarding Sveum as he does his players….if we can do better, then do better!

what do you expect him to do? This team is terrible

Ah the weariness of negativity.

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