9/12 Cubs lineup

Anthony Rizzo, who suffered a bruised shoulder in a freak fall on Tuesday night, is not starting for the Cubs on Wednesday in the series finale against the Astros. Here’s the lineup:

Mather CF

Barney 2B

Castro SS

Soriano LF

Castillo C

Vitters 3B

Sappelt RF

Recker 1B

T. Wood P

— Carrie Muskat


WOW, LaHair must really be in Sveum’s doghouse?!?! He can catch up with Campana….

Sure hope Rizzo will feel better soon. What a horrible spill. As I said on another post these guys are tough and I was glad to see his teammates were kidding him for his acrobatic abilities. Probably took some of the sting of the fall away for him. As always I look forward to today’s game.

I would like to see LaHair traded to another team where he is given more playing time. Hopefully he would become the play he is suppose to be.

Why not give LaHair more playing time? I’m starting to feel bad for the guy.

Whether we feel bad for him or not, it would make sense to play him at first IF RIZZO IS INJURED…right??? Recker over LaHair? I guess at THIS point we might as well see his bat too but LaHair can still be salvaged, I think. And what’s with the love fest for Mather over the speedy “make things happen” Campana? Left – Righty pitching matchups can be thrown out the window with this team as the choices are not great to match up anyway.

Soriano tearing it up on offense and defense. He looked safe trying to stretch that single.

He was safe. Even the Astro’s announcers saw that he was safe in the replay.

Hats off to Soriano. That catch he made was not just a great catch, throw and double play FOR THE USUALLY WALL SHY Soriano but that was a great catch/play for ANY LEFTFIELDER. All in one play he showed what the Cubs should have been getting from him for MANY years instead of just this year….a good read on the ball, no fear of the wall (however, that play may not happen with Wrigley’s BRICK wall), CONTACT with a wall (hell, any contact with any wall is welcome from this guy), actually CATCHING the ball and having the presence of mind to throw the ball in quickly for the DP. Simply AMAZING. Yet ironically this rare treat happens in the same game that Brenly criticizes Soriano when the Astro left fielder makes a bad throw (to third) allowing Sappelt to reach second instead of throwing to second, keeping Sappelt to a single. Brenly said something to the affect: We’ve seen this routinley from Soriano, ill-advised throws. What a catch 22 Soriano is. Maybe Hoystein can use this game’s hi-lite reel when shopping Sorry around this off season??!!

soriano you just keep doing what you are doing…. i see that you have improved and trying to fix things… some are just blinded by the past. But Soriano you still shouldn’t be on this team or getting paid 19 mill………

joey I couldn’t tell if the brick wall comment was negative or not but you could see why most OFers shy away from a brick wall right? If not go run your hover round into a brick wall and see how it feels.

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