9/12 Rizzo day to day after tumble

Anthony Rizzo suffered a bruised right shoulder after colliding with Astros first baseman Brett Wallace in the third inning Tuesday night. Rizzo hit a ground ball to second baseman Jimmy Paredes, who made a high throw to first. Wallace jumped in the air to try and make the catch, but the ball sailed past him. Rizzo got tangled with Wallace, flipped and landed hard on the ground.

“I was really stunned and dazed at first,” Rizzo told reporters in Houston. “I think that’s why I didn’t move. I think I was checking out everything to make sure everything was OK. I got up and I was still stunned, but it kind of wore off. I’m now just more sore than anything.”

Rizzo was able to walk off the field. His teammates razzed him in the clubhouse after the game about his acrobatic ability.

“I looked like a gymnast,” Rizzo said. “I felt like [I was] catapulting a little bit. It was an ugly fall.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Hope Rizzo is doing okay today. These guys are tough and I love that his teammates could razz him about his acrobatic ability. These guys support each other every way they can and a bit of humor goes a long way in a fall like Rizzo took. Get well, Rizzo, and try not to do anymore somersaults to 1st base.

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