9/13 Soriano’s hot streak

Who’s providing the offense on the Cubs? It’s 36-year-old Alfonso Soriano. He has 96 RBIs, his highest single-season total in six years with the Cubs and the most since he drove in 95 in 2006 with Washington. He hit his 29th home run on Wednesday, the most since Soriano hit 29 in 2008. The veteran outfielder is one of only three players in the National League this season to thus far reach 29 home runs and 95 RBIs, joining the Reds’ Jay Bruce and the Brewers’ Ryan Braun.

On the Cubs’ 10-game road trip, Soriano was 10-for-39 with four home runs, a triple, a double, and 11 RBIs. He has 25 RBIs in his last 24 games, and was tied for fourth in the NL in home runs with Carlos Beltran, Jason Kubel, and Adam LaRoche.

Soriano’s home run Wednesday was No. 369 of his career, and he’s now tied with Ralph Kiner for 72nd on the all-time home run list.

— Carrie Muskat


He is single handedly carrying the Cubs on his back all the way to…the bank.
I can only imagine how important his role will be when the Cubs make the playoffs, as by then he will not be on the team.

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lol you actually took that seriously? good stuff.

first off I think he was kidding… second off no one cares about your family event… third off GO PACKERS

It is not often when one is flat out called a racist it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Your sentence: also you are a racist. (period). I don’t think that was either humerous or to be taken lightly. If you were going for funny I think you crossed the line with Mamma. A gentleman would apologize, not cast fault on another party for “getting the wrong message”.

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