9/14 Extra bases

* Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson both returned to the Cubs’ lineup on Friday, still a little sore but ready to play. Rizzo was back after a freak collision and fall trying to beat a throw to first base on Tuesday in Houston. The first baseman suffered a bruised right shoulder, and also got razzed by teammates for his somersault onto the ground.

“I got a lot of style points,” Rizzo said. “I got a couple 10’s, a couple 6’s.”

Jackson crashed into the center field wall at PNC Park on Sept. 7 while making a catch and bruised his right knee. He knows to be careful.

“You try not to ram yourself into something hard,” Jackson said. “It was unfortunate that I banged up my knee but I was also pretty lucky. It could’ve been a lot worse.”

* The Cubs have renewed their player development contract with Boise but have yet to announce whether they will keep their Class A teams in Daytona and Peoria. Theo Epstein said teams cannot discuss switching to another locale until after Sunday.

* Jason Berken, who will make his Cubs debut on Saturday, threw at Wrigley on Friday to get a feel for the ballpark. It’s the first time he’s pitched here. He grew up a Cubs fan and said his grandmother had a huge crush on Harry Caray.

“I’ve always wanted to come here and my first chance to be here as a player is pretty exciting,” he said.

Hopefully, Chicago fans can give him a little break. He’s a Green Bay native, and has season tickets to Packers games.

“I’d much rather be here than going to the game,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


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go pack go!!!!!!

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