9/17 Cubs lineup

Brett Jackson is back in center field for the Cubs in the series finale against the Pirates. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus RF

Valbuena 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soriano LF

Castro SS

Castillo C

Jackson CF

Barney 2B

T. Wood P

* Starlin Castro has a career-high 75 RBIs this season, tops among Major League shortstops. He is the first Cubs shortstop in 51 years to reach 75 RBIs in a season. Ernie Banks totaled 80 in 1961 when he played 104 of his 138 games at short.

— Carrie Muskat


Barney got on base 4 times yesterday. Why isn’t he batting 2nd again?

Quade’s negative energy needs to be exorcized from the dugout before it completley takes over what’s left of Sveum. (might as well try to remove the goat curse again while we’re at it)

Two hits last night – both Barney’s. Can we stop complaining about his offense yet?

You’re right White, but who’s “we”? I think there may be only a few if not ONE complaining about Barney’s offense. Barney is a keeper and may very well be around when the Cubs challenge for a title, him being young enough to last.

I like your opinion White and am grateful this blog is about us fans and our opinions.
I agree, in my opinion Barney is a good hitter, handles the bat well, gets on base well enough.
Not an HOF’r by any means but a keeper for sure. The Cubs just need to add the run production
at 3B and the outfiled and before you know it we’ll contend with Barney at 2B. Opinions wanted.

Not only two hits, but the ONLY hits. If it were not for Barney and his kissed feet, we would have been no-hit. Go Barney!!!

wow we are at the point this season where we are happy we didn’t get no hit…. wow…. this organization as a whole needs an attitude adjustment

you guys are in denial by watching a bad team… congrats! I like to win so I can see through the blinders that Barney is great defensively and below average to MAYBE average offensively…. if barney is good offensively please post the numbers because I will gladly say you are right and kiss his feet like you guys do…. all I ever ask is to SEE THE NUMBERS… not your opinion… facts…

Don’t need an attitude adjustment. We know that the Cubs have had a losing season. That we look for the positive things in the process of the season is WHAT WE FANS LIKE TO DO. Yes, that’s in caps. The players keep on working to improve on a daily basis – and they will. As fans we should do the same – work to find the positives in each game.

And Barney certainly makes finding the positives easier than not. The Cubs are also on record as having the only motivation for the remaining season being NOT to lose 100 games. When faced with such a daunting challenge of realizing they are not a good team, the team still finds reason to play their best. That’s always a good thing for any team…I suppose. Sadly, THIS team’s best may not be good enough to avoid 100 losses and I am most certainly including the manager and GM as team members.

indeed. I would love it if Sveum was replaced.

what was Sveum supposed to do any differently this year? You think Ryno wins you more games?? I doubt it… not with this talent…. lets give Sveum some time to build a culture and a team

I don’t even think Ryno would accept the position with the Ricketts in charge. And it has nothing to do with Sveum’s managing, though it is questionable. To be honest I just don’t really approve of recreational hunting, and in my experience, have come to not like hunters.

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