9/19 Cubs set Minor League teams

The Cubs will move their Class A Midwest League team closer to Chicago, agreeing to a new player development contract on Wednesday with Kane County. The Cougars’ ballpark is about a 45-minute drive west of Chicago. The Cubs’ Midwest League affiliate had been in Peoria, which is nearly three hours away. Peoria announced on Wednesday it had reached agreement with the Cardinals to be their Midwest League affiliate. The Cubs also announced on Wednesday they have renewed their PDC with Class A Daytona and Class A Boise. All three contracts run through the 2014 season.

— Carrie Muskat


Boo, the Cubs leaving Peoria is a huge blow to us diehard central Illinois Cubs fans, especially since the Cardinals are taking over the Peoria affilation.

You are important Chad, as are all Cubs’ fans. I am sorry about your DOUBLE misfortune and at the same time am happy that we fans closer to Wrigley will be able to go to some minor league CUBS games that we actually care about instead of out of state minor league affiliates. So, now we get what you had and you get the Cardinals. The same thing happened to me in one of my residences near Jackson TN when the AA team moved to the Smokies… Sorry pal, it is tough I know and should not be so cold heartedly dismissed….but I too am not from Chicago or Cook County (gosh, I wonder if the people of KANE County are also not important? Must be news to them as well as you Chad) and thereby am not important (evidently). Good thing that OPINION is just that a mean-spirited, callous OPINION and not based on facts. It does make for an interesting blog though, you know, reading one’s OPINION. I hope you remain a die hard Cubs’ fan Chad….don’t go to the “red” side….

joey is it your job to post on here a smart ass comment everytime that says absolutely diddly squat? I was saying anything about Chad being unimportant but you just went ahead and twisted my words around the way you wanted. GOOD JOB!

no cares about Central IL…. if you aren’t from Chicago/Cook County you are downstate and not important….. its sad and frustrating for us “downstaters”…..

aww i don’t even live in Illinois I must be really unimportant. That makes me a sad panda.

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