9/19 Extra bases

Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler was assigned to the Cubs instructional league, and not the Arizona Fall League after playing 14 games in the Rookie League and another 20 with Class A Peoria.

“We feel he’s at a point in his development where he needs a lot of instruction,” Theo Epstein said. He hasn’t played a ton of quote-unquote organized baseball. It’s not a question of talent. It’s a good chance to get one on one instruction. There are some small mechanical adjustments we want him to make with his swing with his stride and a little bit of where he starts his hands, loads his hands. Those type of adjustments are better made with the club’s supervision and one-on-one environment.”

Soler batted .338 with Peoria.

* The Cubs are moving their Class A Midwest League team closer to Chicago, agreeing to a new player development contract on Wednesday with Kane County. The Cougars’ ballpark is 45 miles west of Chicago. The Cubs’ Midwest League affiliate had been in Peoria, which was about a three-hour drive.

“I’m a big fan of having as many affiliates as possible close by the home city,” Epstein said. “It creates a lot of efficiencies with rehabs and allows the front office and staff to see the team play a little bit more often. It also gives our players a feel for the market before there’s too much pressure on them. Obviously, it’s good for the affiliate with the link to the home town team.”

The Cubs also announced on Wednesday they have renewed their PDC with Class A Daytona and Class A Boise. All three contracts run through the 2014 season.

* Anthony Rizzo will hold his first “Walk Off for Cancer” on Dec. 9 at Pine Trails Park, Parkland, Fla. It’s the first major event for the newly created Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. For more information, go to www.Rizzo44.com.

* Meet Brett Jackson on Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m. CT at the Meijer store, 7111 W. Cermak Road, Berwyn, IL. He’ll only sign photos provided by Meijer, and only for the first 150 people.

— Carrie Muskat


Isn`t it true we were in the running for Cespides`s services? I recall the Cubs finished second in the bidding to Oakland. Please correct me if I`m mistaken. There is an example of a player from Cuba who was immediately major league ready. Why can`t we sign such players rather than those like Soler who require years and years of minor league seasoning before we hopefully see them reach the majors? Just saying.

Maybe because the Cubs are years and years away from contention and spending big money on Cespedes would have been just to see him play well on bad teams? Maybe, just saying. He certainly would not have been a difference maker this season. Oakland must have been further along in the development of their team and Cespedes was a difference maker for them. Soler being younger may fit the time line of the Cubs’ plan to contend and by the time Soler lands in Wrigley he may be on a team that will at that time start a long run of playoff seasons.

Yes we were in the bidding for Cespedes… and we were actually the top bidders till the A’s came in late and over bid us. The Cubs never really got a chance to up their bid so you can’t really look down on us not getting him because he probably would be a Cub if the A’s didn’t swoop in late. The Cubs will always be in on big time talents like Soler and Cespedes but now with the IFA restrictions you won’t see big time contracts like Soler or Cespedes much if at all since the penalties from them are ridiculously large. The is a reason Soler and Cespedes defected when they did and that was because they knew the time was coming where they wouldn’t be able to get as much money.

Luis Valbuena will be tendered a contract, but Ian Stewart is expected to be non-tendered, Sullivan writes. “Valbuena is going to be part of the organization, and he does one heck of a job himself,” Sveum said. MLBTR’s Steve Adams discussed Stewart as a non-tender candidate last month……..
So much for return value for Colvin and LeMahieu…what exactly is Valbuena doing that warrants “one heck of a job” praise? Haven’t the Cubs had more than there share of good fielding-no hitting second string infielders? Nothing sets Valbuena apart from these players….

well this doesn’t mean we can’t look for more options but I am glad to see stewart gone… it was a nice try and it looked like he may have just started getting things back then he goes and gets hurt again. O well….

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