9/24 Soriano power

Alfonso Soriano is finishing on a strong note. Soriano hit his 31st home run, a solo shot in the sixth, and set a career-high with 105 RBIs in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. The last Cubs player to drive in more runs in a single season was Derrek Lee, who totaled 111 RBIs in 2009. Soriano’s 31 homers are his most since he hit 33 in 2007. His 105 RBIs are the most for any Cubs player, age 36 or older, in a season since Moises Alou drove in 106 at age 37 in 2004. Soriano also is one of two players in the National League this year to total 31 home runs and 105 RBIs, joining the Brewers’ Ryan Braun (40 homers, 108 RBI).

— Carrie Muskat


more games with the DH next year… could be a good thing for Soriano.

Is it really more games? I thought it was just more spread out.

cubs go from 15 interleague games to 20…. at least thats what I thought… Carrie correct me if I am wrong

Soriano should win the N.L. MVP AARP award.

There is only one Kerry Wood.

he’s had two starts with 8 ERs and one start with 5 ERs… the rest were 2 or lower and none over 7innings of work…. I mean thats fine, its your average 3rd or 4th spot in the rotation pitcher. But it isn’t great… The reason he wins more with the Rangers is bc they are a far better offense and a far better bullpen so I wouldn’t rank a guy based upon his wins alone. He has a WHIP in the 1.3s which again is about league average. I don’t know how many other ways to explain it but he has been average for the Rangers.

dempster has won 7 games for them but his ERA is 4.28 with them…. terrific? Josh Hamilton is going to cost an arm and a leg and demand a long term contract I just don’t see this FO shelling out that to a 31 year rehabilitated alcoholic and drug addict. Also on the topic of Sammy Sosa, he is pulling a Michael Jackson and trying to turn himself white. Have you seen recent photos? I mean wow…. Grace is… falling fast… he needs help and if the Cubs want to give it to him fine but don’t make his role a big one.

There is no doubt Dempster is having a very good season, despite that I think the Cubs did just fine by trading him while he was having what could be his best season as a starter for the Cubs. If the same can be done with Soriano during the winter that would be wise too as he has only two years left then….nothing for him. Waiting to get closer to next year’s trade deadline may be risking his perceived value, especially if he gets off to another horrendous start. And, if traded to an AL team it would be good for him to settle in as DH, we all know it’s what is good for Soriano anyway… if more games as a DH could be a good thing for Soriano, where better to GET more games as a DH than the AL? I hope he realizes the next two years may be his only window to the playoffs and approves a trade this winter.

no you are looking at his TOTAL ERA… his ERA with the Rangers is 4.28… his ERA with the Cubs is 2.25…….. his total ERA is 3.07………. not saying he hasn’t had a great year I was just wondering if you consider 4.28 to be a “great era”……

Actually, he had a few horrendous games, they were all part of his last ten, and, he’s only been with Texas for ten games. and you think it was because they left him in too long? he gave up 7 runs in 4 innings, 5 runs through 3, and just last week gave up 5 runs going into the 4th. And the only times he managed over 6 innings were all wins. Sooo, not sure what you’re talking about. maybe you’re not either.

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