9/26 Volstad sets goals

Chris Volstad has two starts remaining, including Thursday in the series finale against the Rockies. The right-hander has set specific goals for those games, although he wouldn’t reveal them.

“There are goals I’ve set for myself and things I want to accomplish,” he said.

His record may not show it, but Volstad (3-10, 6.22 ERA) says this has been a good year for him.

“This is the year when I’ve learned the most as far as how to use my stuff individually, how to attack hitters, how to study that type of thing, as opposed to just relying on other people to do it or guide me along,” Volstad said Wednesday. “It’s definitely a learning process and it’s taken a little bit of time but this is the year when I’ve grown the most.”

He has been busy studying video to learn the best way he can use his pitches to be most effective.

“It also gives you added confidence knowing you have something you’re going to do and you’re the one in control of what you’re doing and not the other way around,” he said. “It’s ‘All right, this is what I’m doing here,’ and you go out and do it.”

 — Carrie Muskat


Bob Uecker set goals too. lol. good luck to you sir.

if he could get it together he could actually be a nice 5th starter but he continues to have that one or two innings where he just EXPLODES………..

He must be saving all this valuable knowledge he has “learned” this season…for NEXT season? You would think with just two starts remaining he could maybe, I don’t know…SHOW US WHAT HE HAS LEARNED SO FAR? Maybe an 8 inning stint with 2 or less runs allowed would be a nice way to display what he has learned??

I hope for Chris’s sake the Reading Phillies or the Beloit Snappers have an opening in their rotation so he can show what he learned this year. He had better “mound presence”, you say?

I want to announce my presence with Authority!
Announce your what?
Announce my presence with Authority!
Alright, go ahead Meat.

Mamma, nope, different last name and not a stock car guy. I understand your point. I’m just hoping we don’t have to go thru another season of his football-score style ERA. Good god, 6.64???????

Hello Mamma, I am considering Volstad a “take it or leave it” offer from a team willing to take big Z off our hands so I am not going to lose any sleep over the fact Volstad SUCKS and will not make the rotation next season. He may toil in the Cubs’ minors to give him one last shot at redemption but that’s about it. A trade Hoystein had to make. I don’t mind giving Hoystein a few more years of trying something different than the bumbling, inept Hendry. Colvin and DJ for Stewart was a quick trigger deal that they may regret making but still not the end of the world. I think the two ex-Cubs will hit better just by playing in Colorado anyway. These deals by Hoystein should not be included when passing judgement as he was purging the team of Hendry hold-overs and I am confident he his SLOWLY but surely stocking the system with players better than all aforementioned above.

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