9/27 Road rage

The Cubs now are 0-16 on the road against the National League West. According to STATS Inc., no team has ever finished a season winless against one division on the road. The Cubs have three games remaining against the Diamondbacks in Arizona.
Worst Road Record vs. Division since 1969
2012 Chicago Cubs vs. NL West: 0-16
2002 Milwaukee Brewers vs. NL East: 1-14
2005 Kansas City Royals vs. AL East: 2-17
2004 Arizona Diamondbacks vs. NL West: 4-33


Brenly didn’t even want the job… give it up!!!!!!!!!!! Sveum is doing the best he can

You can’t polish a turd guys…. the players making the mistakes now will now be here for the future… they are cheap fillers that gave/gives us flexibility to build for the future. The team got blown up what do you expect the result to be? Bad players will make bad mistakes. Did this FO ever promise to be in the race this year? NOPE… They have a plan and will stick to it.

I have seen him play at Peoria…. the guy is amazing. Give him credit on his fielding though because he won’t stay at SS. He will be a good fielder at 3B and 2B. At 2B he won’t be Barney but he will be average to above average fielding wise. Just think of this young infield in 2 or 3 years…. Rizzo, Baez, Castro, and Villaneuva… or Rizzo Castro, Saunders/watkins/lake, and Baez… then you got Soler and Almora in the OF leaving us to spend $$$ at C and the other corner OF spot plus a big $$$ rotation if needed. Future looks fine

Sometimes in camp you’ll be watching 140 players in Cub uniforms — it’s an amazing sight, actually — and one guy in that mob scene simply, silently compels you to watch him. Call it “presence” or some other word, but it happens, even before you see him swing a bat. Then he does swing a bat, you hear the sound, and your suspicions are confirmed. That one player, last spring, was Baez.

Good for you Mamma Mia! If you mean let’s not give up on the Cubs I am with you. I will never ever give up on the Cubs. Losing season, yes. Hope for the future, yes. We know that hopefully some of the players who flubbed this year will not be with us next year. Volstaad and Vitters need to go down to get more practice. Mathers needs to go somewhere else. Hopefully Ian Stewart will be healthy and he and Valbuena can man 3rd. Etc. etc. We NEED PITCHING pros.

If Valbuena has enough playing time to be considered “maning” third base, even equally with Stewart (or anybody) then we are yet again in serious trouble and Hoystein would not be doing an adequate job of filling needs.

Joey, my computer is acting up but this is in reply to your statement about Valbueno and Stewart at 3rd. The thing is – who else is there to play 3rd? Do we have someone from AAA coming up or what? I sure would like your input.

White, my point being is that Valbuena belongs in the ranks of ALL the other CURRENT options for third base and that is NO GOOD. I can see no other viable alternatives and offer none. This is a gaping, black hole that I believe must be filled by acquiring somebody from outside the ogranization via free agency or trade. Hopefully third base and the starting staff will be part of the “spending” that Hoystein as recently alluded to. I think the Cubs are more able to fill outield positions from within (in the next few years) but are very far away from grooming a solid RUN PRODUCING third baseman. Should they land a run producing second baseman or SS then maybe they would consider moving Castro to third??? Between third, short and second we need to add a run producer to compliment Rizzo, I don’t care which postion and if players need to be shuffled.

White there aren’t any options in the minors YET… We do have some options that are a couple years away though. The return in the Dempster trade (Villaneuva) had a very solid perform with his short time here in A+ ball. Hopefully next year he can stay hot when he hopefully starts in AA. Christian V is supposed to have a very good glove with a solid bat (average to slightly above ave). But the EARLIEST we would see him in next September but more likely the following year sometime. After C.V. we got a STUD (so far) in Javier Baez. Drafted last year in the first round. The kid is a BALLER!!!!!!!! Very excited to see him develop. Has plus plus power and still hits for a good average. Has a great glove and is playing SS now but could easily transition to 3B or even 2B in the future(theo’s comments). So to sum it up I think if we do spend on a 3B its only going to be a 1 or 2 year deal because we have some great options waiting in the wings.

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