9/28 Barney’s streak ends

Darwin Barney’s streak is over.

On Friday, Barney had a chance to break the Major League record of error-free games if he did not make a miscue. But in the eighth inning, he fielded Justin Upton’s grounder and tried to make an off-balance throw to first. The throw was off the mark, and Barney was charged with an error, his first since April 17.

Barney’s single-season streak ends at 141 games, equaling the Major League mark set by Polanco in 2007 for the Tigers.

“One other person at this point has put together a defensive year like he has,” Dale Sveum said. “I’ve been in the game 30 years, and I’ve never seen anyone play second base like [Barney] has. I was very fortunate to be around who I consider the best I’d ever seen at that position in Jimmy Gantner in Milwaukee. He was another guy who was under the radar because of his offense.

“I think Barney is better than that,” Sveum said. “He puts everything into the package, going for pop ups down the right field line, double plays, the range — he has so many different things in his tool box. It’s not just a guy catching the ball, routine balls. He’s been spectacular all season.”

Barney is rewriting the National League record each game as he surpassed the old mark of 123 games, held by Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, who was Barney’s former Minor League manager.

— Carrie Muskat


error towards the end of the season…. put doubts in the GG voters minds????? its something to watch

OMG!!!! In the video on the Cubs website when you saw the highlights he looked like he was tearing up…was he?
But anyways, your still a great 2nd basemen! Plus you have amazing fans out here for you…especially me! :) Go Barney!!!! #15 <3

No but I Did see Barney getting teared up…I felt like crying too just because he was…/: ahhhh!

The Diamondbacks announcers should be ashamed of themselves. They spent a huge part of the game picking on Barney’s accomplishments AND the Cubs in general. Their unsportmanslike conduct should be noted and they should be called on the carpet for it. When Barney made the error they actually said “Well there goes his Golden Glove, tee hee” . I hope the Rizzo and Barney will be with the Cubs for a long time. They are a great combo on that side of the field and I can tell that they have great respect for each other. Now I think I will go have a good cry. Oh yes, Isabel, Barney is the greatest and will be setting more records in the years to come. Love ya.

I hope he stays a long time too! <3

Those anouncers are just haters!!! But you know what?…we can just say and know Barney is better and the best! Oh Yea! And mamma, I agree with you all the way! And white Thanks for agreeing with me! :)

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