9/30 Baserunning 101

First it was Luis Valbuena getting thrown out at third trying to advance on what would’ve been a sacrifice fly, but instead ended up as a double play. Joe Mather made the same mistake. Dale Sveum said he hadn’t seen that in 30 years in baseball, yet saw it twice this year. On Sunday, there were a couple more gaffes. The Cubs loaded the bases with one out in the sixth, and one out later, pinch-hitter Dave Sappelt hit a run-scoring infield single. Anthony Recker was hit by a pitch to force in another run, and Bryan LaHair then lined a two-run single to right. But the inning ended as LaHair was picked off at first.

In the third, Anthony Rizzo doubled, and was picked off when he was walking off the base. He thought Alfonso Soriano had struck out, but instead it was only the second strike of the at-bat.

“It’s like a vitamin. One a day,” Sveum said of the strange base running mistakes. “It’s stuff you don’t teach it and don’t see it. It’s strange stuff, it’s unbelievable.”

What happened?

“Rizzo thought there were two strikes and two outs and thought Soriano struck out, and started walking off,” Sveum said. “LaHair got caught — [first base coach Dave] McKay was telling him to go and draw the throw and we could score the run on the backside. It’s one of those plays, you’ve got the outfielder where you want him. You can go, and if he throws to first, you walk into second. If he throws to second, you score the back-end run.”

The Cubs did work on that in Spring Training.

“It’s something that comes up rarely during the season,” Sveum said of LaHair’s play. “Two strikes, two outs, you’re not teaching that. We’ve got some pretty big scoreboards out here to let you know [the count]. You have no explanation for those.”

Rizzo took the blame.

“I just thought there were two strikes, two outs and I did the right thing if there were two strikes, two outs but there wasn’t,” he said. “It is embarrassing because I know Dale has to answer those questions. … I’m happy we came up with a win.”

— Carrie Muskat


Well…can one really blame Rizzo for thinking SORIANO struck out????

Another hook, line and sinker. Duh….JOKING.

actually yes he can joey… you gotta know the situation. What a bone head play

Can any of these players see the scoreboard, count to three or four, or learn the fundamentals of the game? How come the Yankees don’t rebuild?

The Yankees don’t rebuild because they have $200 million a year to spend on the top talent in the game and they play in the media capital of the world. They are not on an even playing level with the other 29 teams, so let’s not ask why we aren’t like the Yankees!

haha ok man… chirp all you want but your comments are the ones people stop reading because it doesn’t bring a dang thing to the table. You and the other fuckhousers can just keep chirping

It’s so obvious that there are several of “us” that dislike each other. With that said I always hope that the extent of our sarcastic, snide and sometimes witty comments (which I too am guilty of and include myself) would not cross the line resulting in making fun of somebody’s name by using profanity. It’s just not needed here. I am grateful that at least Mamma and myself have not lowered our standards to THAT level. The obvious and tempting mis-spelling of the name Funkhouser would only be done by somebody of an extremley immature nature.

The mis-spelling of Funkhouser was the epitome of poor taste. An apology would be appreciated by Mamma Mia I am sure. But anyone who does such a thing probably doesn’t know what the word apology means. I think we can “dislike” some opinions with which we don’t agree but can at the same time be respectful of those writing their opinions. Sorry that this happened to you Mamma Mia.

lol is this a cubs blog or facebook? lately i’ve been getting more enjoyment from reading your comments than from reading Carrie’s blogs. you guys are like siding with people you know nothing about in the most nonsensical arguments. you guys should author your own blog.

You’re welcome.

chico the thing is they don’t know what baseball is but they continue to jerk each other off because someone shows them the stats and facts of the game that they can’t accept. I don’t care if they “LIKE” me or not. I am here to talk about baseball while others are here to talk about life and other crap that makes no freaking sense.

that is the worst analogy i have ever seen…. obviously the STATS would say he has a poor shooting percentage and low rebound and assist numbers. Baseball is a statistically influenced game whether you guys want to learn to use them or not is your own fault. You will be the ones on the sidelines murmuring about hendry, embassies, and other non baseball related topics. If you think a better coach would have kept us from 100 wins show me how you know that? Do you have any evidence besides personal OPINION on that? NO you don’t…. and you are in the minority on that issue if you talk to someone other than the ones that caudal you here. I would love to see one of you bring a stat into a conversation one time on here. All you bring in uninformed BABEL.

I know enough about the people I “side” with that they write withought such foul language and profanity altererd names… and phrases like “jerk each other off”. Completley un called for language and spitefullness considering all one claims to be doing is talking ABOUT BASEBALL.
(Case in point yet again). White is dead on with…EPITOME OF POOR TASTE.

you act like this is your blog…. its not…. weird how carrie hasn’t said anything… you know the one who actually owns this blog… you can point your nose up in the air all you want bro but you post dumb crap im going to jump all over it bc ITS DUMB

Yet again…Hook, line and sinker. The words one uses when expressing oneself speaks volumes. So glad not to be at such a level of dependency on using foul and derogatary language. On another note….here’s hoping that the Cubs have an all new outfield and third baseman starting the 2013 season!!! Go Cubs!! And of course for Isabel….GO BARNEY!!!

The nice thing about your blog Joey is that you are looking forward to the Cubs next season – play it forward with hope and expectations that we will have a great 2013. Go Cubs and, yes, go Barney!! I would also ask that you guys play it forward with hope for a dear relative of mine, Lewis Lukens who is ambassador to Senegal. While we are all safe here at home many of our embassies are being attacked and we pray daily that our relative will remain safe in this unsettled world. Thank you.

No doubt White…Lewis’ well-being…in my prayers.

haha but its not his blog!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck…..hahahahahaha

haha ya right…. why would she choose the one guy that bashes the Cubs and its FO more than anyone else… IM THROWING THE BS FLAG….

I feel as if I lost control of this blog long, long ago. Joey was MVP because he posted the most comments. I’d welcome feedback as to what people want from this space (other than listening to Joey rant)

Sorry you feel this way. I, for one, have always enjoyed posting thoughts and opinions on this blog. I have also found that Joey is the least of the bloggers to RANT. He at least is repectful of others opinions and doesn’t use any crude or degrading remarks to make his point. I appreciate that. Most of us, even those of us who don’t have expertise with stats and figures, simply want to participate in the Cub’s dialog about the games, the players, our favorites, our not so favorites, etc. And when we do so I think we would prefer not to be called names or scalded for our opinions. I think for the most part we are all pretty civil to each other and will continue to be so. There are only a few who seem to think it is their place or “duty” to let the rest of us know how stupid or off base we are. Probably best just to ignore them from this point on. I love the Cubs. Go Cubs. Plan for a super wonderful 2013!

I’m all for freedom of speech. and, to be clear, Joey makes me laugh more than scream. thanks for the input

Nice White! Thank you so much. Great idea. I will take advantage of your PERFECT comment and suggestion and TRY to do so. And Carrie, THANK YOU, that means quite a bit to me as laughter is so under valued.

That’s pretty funny Carrie but in a way it’s all good for your blog right? Lots of commenting is a good thing for blogs, we all know that. No commenting, no interest in your blog, no reason to have a blog, do dollars. Whether my comments are perceived as you say “ranting” is subjective as is the OPINION that I bash the front office (that is what the FO stands for? One never knows what an F would stand for when used by, well, you know….) more than anybody else. Either way it appears that there are more people than not that maintain a civil and respectful method of wrting on your blog and more lilkley to appreciate comments like mine and like minded rather than such mean spirited, vulgar and spiteful comments by, well, you know…. I hope you do not take THIS as ranting because you asked: What I would want from this site is a ban on name calling, vulgarity, and the mis-spelling of names resulting in profanity. Not too many people submit such juvenile, immature comments in fact I can only think of ONE as evidenced by the words used in comments submitted: “RUNNNING YOUR MOUTH OFF” – “CHIRP” – “FU*KHOUSER CHILDREN” – “JERK EACH OTHER” – “CRAP” – “FREAKING” – “BABEL” – “CRAP” (AGAIN) – “BS”….I ask you, who is writing these words? Me in my “rants” NO, Mamma? NO, White? NO. This is offensive language no matter how you look at it and should not be tolerated in a decent, civil, respectful society. I would suspect somebody that writes with such spiteful and hurtful words is capable of letting their anger control their life. Sad. These are the words you want associated with your blog? And me “ranting” is the issue here? Not much TO ASK for, civility. OK…I admit it THAT WAS a rant. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy your blog all these years, should you decide that blocking ME from your blog is the way to go so be it. If this is my last “rant”…It’s been a nice ride. Why should any of us be treated so disrespectfully just for having different opinions with no “eveidence” or “facts”? It’s a forum of minds and thoughts.

i would love to hear common sense… no rants from anyone… logical debates…logical communication on the CUBS… not family get togethers or someone’s bullheaded opinion of nothing more than THEIR opinion

haha this is comical…. i promise to not name call and such again if others post STATISTICAL evidence of their claims…. if they can’t then i am sorry they don’t like their opinion to be apposed by someone who can show them the stats and reason with them. I don’t mind a debate but its hard to debate when no one brings anything to the table besides WELL ITS MY OPINION…. that fine but your opinion is ignorant and off base………..

Poor Petrey – your batting average just keeps plummeting and that is a fact and a stat. You will never make the team at this rate and that is an opinion along with a fact and a stat. You are so far off base and OUT – tagged OUT.

great put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite experts of this sector don’t notice this.

You should proceed your writing. I am sure, you’ve a huge readers’

base already!

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