9/30 Soriano “cornerstone” on Cubs

Alfonso Soriano’s trade value may never be higher than it is now but Cubs manager Dale Sveum would hate to lose the veteran outfielder.

“That’s been our one cornerstone as far as run production,” Sveum said of Soriano, 36, who has 32 home runs and a career-high 108 RBIs, with one year remaining on his contract. “It’s hard to replace that. [Anthony] Rizzo should be fine in a full season and then you find somebody else who can hit home runs to hit fifth. That’s where you start at. Who knows who that is? That’s the million dollar question we have to deal with.”

The Brewers have three players who have combined for more than 200 extra base hits. Sveum would like to see that kind of production from the Cubs lineup in the future. Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said they will have financial flexiblity to pursue free agents this offseason but Sveum said they have a lot of areas to address.

“We have multiple holes to fill,” Sveum said. “It’s not just one guy here, one guy there. It’s 10 different spots we have to look hard at and try to get better.”

— Carrie Muskat


The key question with Sorry is, “will he be able to re-produce his current form nexy year at the age of 37?” Its a tough call but given his postive value around the team, especially the young players, then I for one suggest he stays put for the last year of his contract.

I wouldn’t mind having two 30+ homerun hitters on the team next year. maybe with Castro upping his power he can make it to 20 next year. Not a bad 3-4-5

Agree Chico…..makes you impatient for the start of next season. If Washington can turn around there fortunes in the space of 12 months then so can we…Go The Cubs in 2013!!!

You made my day Snipper…thanks for reminding me his contract is soon expiring! No argument from me he had a great season, I just can’t imagine this team being completley turned around until the last remaining Hendry blunder is gone and Theo can go full steam ahead with the type of players needed to sustain a penant challenging ball club. It just is not in the cards for the Cubs to win with Soriano and signing him was more for show than substance.

The problem is (and I’m replying to Snipper here) that Washington didn’t “turn around their fortunes in the space of 12 months”. They’ve been rebuilding their club for about three years, and only now is the rebuild showing results. The Cubs are only at the beginning of their rebuild, so I don’t expect it to turn around in just 12 months. 24-36 may be more like it.

I would like to see BJ Upton or Melky Cabera on this team next year. I also am not wild about Castro lowering his ave to try to hit a couple more HRs. Give me the castro that hits 300 and OPS 773. Get the hitters around Castro that we can put him back in the 2 hole. He has hit well 5 but I think he is trying to hit too many homers. It would be nice to have that 200 hit guy in the 2 hole. I think this FO will be VERY active this offseason. SP, RP, OF, 3B, and farm help should be addressed…

Cubs manager Dale Sveum admitted to reporters, including the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan, that Alfonso Soriano’s trade value has never been higher and could be dealt this offseason. “It’s as high as it can be,” Sveum said. “Those kind of things are all (dependent ) on what you’re getting back and all those kind of things. The replacement value of that is very difficult to find.”
…also dependent on which NL team is desperate or gullable enough to trade for Soriano, and which NL team no longer needs their spare bag of balls. If Sveum is doing his part in helping unload Soriano by getting the best out of him in 2012 and lavishing ALL KINDS of praise on Soriano….hoping other teams are listening???
Of course a proposed trade to any team expected to challenge or be in the spotlight with high expectations for the 2013 season may be nixed by Soriano because he no likey pressure.

I never said discount… value doesn’t mean discount… looking at value means to need to pay him for what he’s worth. Jackson is worth 7-10 mill per year. Got 11 million this year because the Nats were willing to pay it and were close to winning.

**crickets chirping**

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