10/2 Extra bases

* According to a report, the Cubs plan to add 56 prime box seats in 2013 by moving the brick wall three feet closer to the field. Crain’s Chicago Business reported Tuesday that the proposed changes will be on the agenda of the permit review committee of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks on Thursday. Theo Epstein, Cubs president of baseball operations, said Tuesday he was not privy to the information.

“I would probably want to sit down and study it,” Epstein said. “I don’t see it as a big deal, one way or another if it’s only a couple of feet, but we’ll see.”

* The Cubs have lost 100 games for the first time since 1966 and only the third time in franchise history but Epstein didn’t put any of the blame on first-year manager Dale Sveum.

“The 100 losses are not his fault the least bit,” Epstein said. “He’s done a really good job of maintaining as much of a winning culture as he possibly can during a season like this.”

Sveum said he’ll take time this offseason to evaluate the job he’s done. He asked the veteran players for feedback as well.

“The bottom line is it’s the players game, and you send them out there to play,” Sveum said. “It’s their job to perform and it’s my job to manage the game and it’s my job to manage the clubhouse and make sure it’s an atmosphere that these guys enjoy coming to every day, no matter the good times or the bad times. That’s my job. Wins and losses are what they are, but the bottom line is putting these guys in situations where they can succeed and they have to do the job.”

Epstein said all relevant discussions regarding the coaches and staff be done following Wednesday’s season finale.

* The Cubs hope Brett Jackson has an Anthony Rizzo type off-season, and can come back in 2013 even better. Rizzo batted .141 last season when first called up to the big leagues with the Padres. He made several adjustments with his stance, and since he was promoted on June 26, he was batting .288 with the Cubs. Jackson was batting .174 in 42 games since being called up from Triple-A Iowa on Aug. 5. Sveum, a former hitting coach, has a list of things he’d like to see Jackson do.

“I’d like to see him completely revamp his swing and lower half,” Sveum said. “They’re not things that you’re asking somebody to stand on their head about. There are players in this game who have made drastic, drastic adjustments and it’s propelled some of them to Hall of Fame stature and long careers in the big leagues. I’ll go to my grave saying if you don’t make any adjustments in this game, you won’t stay here long.”

* Sveum began one-on-one discussions with pitchers on Tuesday, and will do the same with the position players, starting at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

— Carrie Muskat

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55 year-old Cubs fan and really getting tired of the silly-ness!

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