10/2 Looking ahead

If you’re looking ahead at the Cubs’ 2013 roster, they are committed to $41.774 million for next season. GM Jed Hoyer says they’ll be active in the free agent market.

Financial commitments for 2013:

Alfonso Soriano $19 million

Carlos Marmol $9.8 million

David DeJesus $4.25 million

Starlin Castro $567,000

Jorge Soler $1.667 million

Gerardo Concepcion $1.2 million

* Free agents: Shawn Camp

* Arbitration eligible: Matt Garza, Chris Volstad, Jeff Samardzija, Manuel Corpas, Ian Stewart, Jason Berken, Justin Germano, James Russell, Luis Valbuena.

— Carrie Muskat


Hey!!! I’m still here!!! THANKS CARRIE!!! Soriano, hopefully traded. Marmol, take him or leave him (worth another chance with the pen so weak). DeJesus, just a Marlon Byrd wannabe? Not an impact player, trade him to make room for a BETTER run producer. Castro is a keeper. Soler & Concepcion are the reason for hope. Camp, should be re-signed, what else did he have to do to prove his worth? Go Cubs! Go Hoystein….get better next year and then in 2014 the new slogan should be:
LET’S GO, SPEND SOME DOUGH! (eh…I’ll work on it…)

we are setup pretty nicely right now but we can’t sit back on our heels we got to get better every year… I think our goal next year should be around 80 wins. You gotta sign a couple guys that will be pieces for the future. Grienke, Upton, M.Cabera, Haren, Jackson, Liriano, McCarthy, etc could all be nice pieces for our run. They gotta be able to accept a contract that provides both sides value…. NOT A DISCOUNT… VALUE!!! The Cubs should be able to manage any contracts they dish out….

What does “active” really mean?

lol I imagine it means there will be some “activity” with the Cubs and the free agent market. Don’t think Hoyer knows the future.

Hey what do you think the chances are of seeing Soler at Wrigley early next year?

Well technically Soler has already been at Wrigley this year taking BP…. I would bet the earliest we would see Soler would be a September call up BUT he could be rushed along some because of his age and that he is under contract for a while and has nothing to do with Arbitration. The price is set on him which could make things happen a little sooner instead of holding him back like Rizzo to avoid super 2 status.

lol Soriano makes more than all those guys put together. That’s just not right.

Hopefully another year for Soriano like this year. Don’t believe any other team is going to want him. Major improvement from some of these young players. Pick up two or three good FA’s and maybe we can make some noise next year. 2014 will be the year that things begin to come together and we are competitive.

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