10/3 Cubs lineup

Starlin Castro will start and play in his 162nd game on Wednesday as the Cubs close the season against the Astros. Here’s the lineup:
Campana LF
Cardenas 2B
Castro SS
LaHair 1B
Sappelt RF
Vitters 3B
Jackson CF
Recker C
T. Wood P


…instead of getting over “it” I think I’ll remain securely under “it”…your skin that is, evidently….sis…

Joey, what the heck is petrey talking about now? And, yes, I too thank Carrie for this wonderful blog. Nice win today. Have enjoyed blogging with you this summer.

Pretty sad White about some comments but not surprised. Thanks and same to you!! Hope to see you commenting often over the winter…it’s gonna be a looooong offseason, WITH PLENTY OF OPTIMISM AND OPINIONS!!! Carrie will no doubt give some headlines to discuss.

Thank you for telling us about Mr. Bob Beck. Now we have a real Cub fan in Heaven. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Have a good winter, Mamma Mia.

With all due respect White…we have ANOTHER real Cubs fan in Heaven….God rest his weary Cubs’ soul and may he OPINE all he wants without any vulgar criticism. I know my mom will politley share some thoughts with him. And Carrie….THANKS FOR THE BEST BLOG IN ALL OF CUBDOM!!!!!

joey get over it bro…

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