10/3 Extra bases

* Losing 100 plus games should motivate the young Cubs.

“We have a lot of young guys who are learning and trying to make the adjustments up here,” pitcher Travis Wood said. “I think it can only help us in the long run. This season will leave a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. I think we’ll all be fired up and ready to go this spring.”

* Sveum proved he’s very patient during what was a trying season. Will fans support the team as it goes through its growing pains? Wednesday’s crowd was 27,606, and the Cubs finished with less than 3 million at home for the first time since 2003, drawing 2,882,756 for the season.

“I’m sure they’ll gradually get a little less patient,” Sveum said. “People still have to understand things don’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual repair job as well. Whatever happens in the winter — free agents, non-tender guys, whoever you bring in — we have to have some guys who can hit home runs, too. I don’t mean literally. Guys have to have good years.”

* The Cubs won their season finale for the first time since beating the Rockies, 8-5, on Oct. 1, 2006, at Wrigley Field.

* Starlin Castro became the first player to play shortstop in all 162 games in a season on Wednesday, and is the first Cubs infielder to appear in all 162 games since Ron Santo in 1968.

* Tony Campana stole a base and finished with 30 steals for the season.

* Shawn Camp made his 80th appearance, and became the ninth pitcher in Cubs history to reach that mark, and first since Sean Marshall in 2010.

* What’s the biggest thing Sveum will take from this season?

“To really know that I have a lot of patience,” he said. “I kind of knew that was one of my fortes anyway but this tried your patience quite a bit. I can always fall back on that if I don’t have anything else.”

Maybe one of the reasons is he stayed patient was because he didn’t read any negative comments in the local media.

“I don’t read the paper, I don’t ‘twit’ and I don’t do Facebook,” said Sveum, who meant that he doesn’t “tweet” as in Twitter.

— Carrie Muskat


Tony Campana stole 30 bases while playing in 89 games for the Cubs this season. In 1974, “Designated Runner” Herb Washington stole 29 bases while playing in 92 games for the Oakland A’s. Has anyone before Campana stolen 30 bases or more in a Major League season while playing in fewer than 90 games?

lol. well, Dee Gordon out here in LA played two games less and finished with two more steals to his name. Bonifacio played in even fewer games and ended his season with 30. And I know he played most of the season, but Mike Trout tallied 34 within a three month period. And those are just from this season. Campana is fast, no doubt, but you have to get on base in order to steal the next one. And those eggshells under triples and HRs aren’t helping him either. What are his chances of making it as the Cubs 26th?

I agree Chico and sincerely hope that Campana can increase his ability to get on base because he is so close to being THE most valuable bench player the Cubs have. Defense, sac bunts, bunt singles, pinch running, stolen bases. When you need a tying or winning run to get from first to second Campana is almost guaranteed to do so as a pinch runner. But he does need to get a little better with the bat.

I know the Cubs had a bad season, but Im very proud of them!…weird to say, but I am! Look, Castro was the first player to play 162 games of the season! Plus Darwin did an awesome job with his errorless streak! <3…even though he didnt beat the record he still did an amazing job (like always❤!!!) and Campana stole 30 bases! Plus so much more good things! I know they still had 100 losses, but we can see the bright side of this and see how much talent we have on our team!🙂 Even though I am disapointed that we didnt make it AGAIN this year, there's always NEXT year! ;D and we all know that all Cubs fans say that every year! haha🙂

Isabel, I have always liked your cheery positive attitude! You are right. We have alot of awesome players, Barney being my favorite as you know, and I too am looking forward to next year with hope and optimism. Gotta love our Cubs win or lose. Keep your lovely positive attitude in everything that you do. It is refreshing and will carry you through life very well.

Thanks White (: Barney is also my favorite player too, as you know and everyone else too! Haha. Have you ever heard the saying, “I bleed Cubie Blue”? Well thats me! Love them, like you said, win or lose. And thanks again for loving my attitude.(:

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