10/3 Sori wants one more shot at World Series

Alfonso Soriano wasn’t in the starting lineup for Wednesday’s season finale. Dale Sveum asked the veteran if he wanted to play, and Soriano said that was enough.

“Personally, I feel proud of myself,” Soriano said of his season, in which he hit 32 home runs and drove in a career-high 108 runs. “At 36, what I can do, even with a bad knee, I just worked hard to do what I could do because I love this game and never like being down. I’m working hard to make this team better. If I’m healthy, I know I’ll put up numbers but more important, I can help this team win.”

He will not have surgery on his troublesome left knee, but spend the offseason strengthening it. He’s quieted his critics.

“People always see me with the wrong eyes,” Soriano said. “I think the manager and [Theo Epstein] and all those guys, they appreciate what I do. They gave me an opportunity to bat cleanup and I did the best I could to make the team better.”

When Soriano signed his eight-year contract in November 2006, it was with the idea that the Cubs would win now. They did win go to the postseason in 2007 and ’08, but that was it. Now, they’re rebuilding. How long can Soriano wait?

“It depends on how long,” he said. “If they want to rebuild next year, I’ll be here. If they want to take longer than two years, I have to think about moving to another team that can win quickly. I have two more years on the contract and maybe I’ll retire after that. I want to have one more shot to get to the World Series before I retire.”


“I just say that — the way I feel now, I wish it could be my No. 8 year on my contract so I could retire today,” said Soriano, weary from the season. “There’s two more years left.”

So he’s not going to play when he’s 40?

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I think two more years — it depends on how I feel. If I feel like I feel now in two years, I’ll want to retire right away.”

— Carrie Muskat


Ha! I’m gonna puke. How vain. He couldn’t help this team win even with the great year he had. PLEASE Mr. Soriano, in all your vain wisdom….FIND ANOTHER TEAM to go to the World Series with NEXT YEAR. THAT would ironically BE the best way for you to help the Cubs win. He’s quieted his critics? Well at least there is now written evidence that the critics existed. There is no two year window for reaching the World Series, it will take longer and Soriano is just slowing the process.

Seems to me that Soriano was one of the strong points on this year’s team. He produced more homeruns and more RBI’s that anyone else. He played great defense with, I believe, only 1 error the whole season. While there are many Sori haters among us I for one like him alot. I would say that he has a right to be proud of the season he has had. The one I am concerned about is Castro with 28 or so errors and alot of attention deficit flubs. I fully expect to see sunflowers growing where he has spewed his seeds all summer long.

Well said for your guy White, can’t agrue about the RBIs or homeruns. I am glad you enjoyed his play this season. I for one do not hate Soriano but whole heartedly believe that despite ANY great offensive numbers he can manage to bring to the Cubs, it is the rest of his game that will detract the team from being a winner. Should your guy Soriano return next year under the delusion that he can get to the World Series with the Cubs I’ll just have to bear with him becasuse….GO CUBS!! (right?) Have a great winter!

Grats on the year Fonzie. Hope it carries over. Now I get to watch the Bears lose for the next four months. Is it next April yet…….?

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