10/14 Front office changes

Jimmy Bank, who just finished his 20th season as the Cubs traveling secretary, was dismissed this week. Bank joins a list of front office staff now gone, including Oneri Fleita and Chuck Wasserstrom. The Cubs notified Bank on Thursday about the change. No replacement has been named.

— Carrie Muskat


So the Cubs’ demise was his fault!

I am amazed at the number of baseball staff that has been fired. One pair of men who should be kept is our TV announcers. These are two of the best in baseball. I read that the Diamondbacks have fired Mark Grace and his partner and are very interested in Bob Brenley. Bob has been one of my all time favorites and every effort should made to keep these two great guys together. Announcers do effect attendance and TV viewership which effects revenue. Announcers in Chicago especially seem to be revered. Harry Carry has a statue out front of Wrigley. Jack Brickhouse has a flag or his name on a pole in the outfield. Ron Santo was still announcing even after he lost both legs to diabetes. These announcers are much appreciated by our Cub fans and can become legends in their own rights. Bet try to keep these guys or incur the wrath of the Cub nation. Theo you can fire a lot of people Cubs fans do not know but when you mess with guys like Brenley you are touching the heart of Cubs nation. We have always seemed to have exceptional announcers. Even spell it backwards Harry was a legend in his own time. We may have bad teams but we have not had bad announcers. In fact we have had great announcers dating back to Bert Wilson. KEEP BOB BRENLEY.

I disagree. Brenley can be shown the door ASAP.

I somehow doubt that Brenly will get a statue outside Wrigley. He’s good…not statue good. If he leaves for greener pastures I would look forward to a new “personality” that may surprise us all replacing Brenly. Now Moreland….I don’t think he’s doing the position justice and most certainly is the most replacable. Humble opinion, of course.

Humble opinions welcome. No word yet on Brenly contract.

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