10/17 Brenly leaving Cubs

Cubs television analyst Bob Brenly informed WGN-TV he will not return to the team’s broadcast booth in 2013, and instead will seek another baseball broadcasting position. There is speculation Brenly will join the Diamondbacks’ TV broadcast team, replacing Mark Grace. Fans who may want Grace to replace Brenly should keep in mind that the former Cubs first baseman is facing DUI charges in November.

Said Brenly: “For the last eight years, I’ve had the unmitigated joy of going to Wrigley to work with one of the best play by play men in the game. I had as much fun as you could have in the last eight years. I have nothing negative to say. It was great.”

— Carrie Muskat


Will miss Brenly’s analysis. While I am a huge Mark Grace fan – the player – I am not thrilled with his broadcasting skills. Living in AZ, I’ve listened to some D’Backs games and I have to say I’d rather NOT listen to him broadcast Cubs games. Not sure what it is – perhaps the lack of critical analysis that I’ve come to expect from Cubs broadcasters like Steve Stone and Bob Brenly. I didn’t get anything out of his commentary, and as a former player, Gracie should bring more to the broadcast besides past memories and humor.

OMG, how will we ever manage without Brenly????….now we’ll NEVER get to the World Series…. the loss of Jeff Baker on the field and Bob Brenly in the booth…this may just be too much to overcome. I think CARRIE SHOULD GET THE JOB!!!!

I will not miss Brenly. I think Mark Grace is a horrible influence on the younger guys with his obvious drinking problem. How about bringing a real Baseball guy back, like Steve Stone. He had serious knowledge of the game and would still be in the boothe if not for Baker, Alou and a Pitcher I cant even remember.

Come on back Steve Stone, your the only announcer I have ever missed, because you shared sound Baseball knowledge.

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