10/25 Fielding Bible names Barney top 2B

Darwin Barney was named the top defensive second baseman in the Major Leagues , according to the 2012 Fielding Bible Awards. He’s one of six first-time winners, who were determined by 10 experts of The Fielding Bible awards panel. The 2012 Fielding Bible Award winners are:

First Base—Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees (first-time winner)
Second Base—Darwin Barney, Chicago Cubs (first-time winner)
Third Base—Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers (fourth-time winner)
Shortstop—Brendan Ryan, Seattle Mariners (first-time winner)
Left Field—Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals (first-time winner)
Center Field—Michael Trout, Los Angeles Angels (first-time winner)
Right Field—Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves (first-time winner)
Catcher—Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals (fifth-time winner)
Pitcher—Mark Buehrle, Miami Marlins (fourth-time winner)

Here are comments on Barney, as noted by John Dewan, co-author of The Fielding Bible:

“Darwin Barney’s defense is a shining star in an otherwise cloudy season for the 2012 Chicago Cubs. After a nondescript debut at second base in 2011, when he saved only one run defensively, Barney led all second basemen in 2012 with 28 runs saved. This total led by a wide margin. He had a lot more runs saved than defending Fielding Bible Award winner Dustin Pedroia’s total of 11, a lot more than Robinson Cano’s 15, and a lot more than Brandon Phillips’ 11. Those three came in second, third and fourth in a vote that wasn’t close; Barney received eight of ten first-place votes. Barney’s vote tabulation of 96 points was only four short of perfection.”

Previous second base winners:
2011 Dustin Pedroia
2010 Chase Utley
2009 Aaron Hill
2008 Brandon Phillips
2007 Aaron Hill
2006 Orlando Hudson


Congrats Barney. Very well deserved. Congrats to Theriot as well. Scoring the game winning run in the final game of the world series. Hopefully Barney is still with the Cubs when they get there.

Right on both accounts Chico!

Whoooo you know Barney will be there!😉 he better be haha!🙂

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