10/30 Barney wins Gold Glove – UPDATED

Darwin Barney became the Cubs’ first Gold Glove winner since 2007 when he took the defensive award on Tuesday night. Barney is the first Cubs second baseman to claim the honor since Ryne Sandberg did so in 1991. Barney made just two errors and posted a .997 fielding percentage. He played in 141 error-free games, tying a Major League single-season record for second basemen set in 2007 by Placido Polanco. Barney was three outs away from setting the mark before he was charged with a throwing error in the eighth inning Sept. 28 against the Diamondbacks.

Barney, who turns 27 on Nov. 8, does own all NL marks for consecutive error-less games at second base, surpassing Sandberg’s former record 123-game error-less streak, allowing for multiple seasons, that ran from June 21, 1989-May 17, 1990. David Eckstein owned the previous NL single-season mark of 113-consecutive games set with San Diego in 2010.

The Cubs infielder picked up the award over the Reds’ Brandon Phillips, who had the Gold Glove three times in the last four years.

“You don’t expect to pass a guy like Brandon Phillips,” Barney said. “He’s exceptional at what he does. He was the best in the game for a long time, and I can’t sit here and say I’m better than him or anything like that. I had a good season and I think either of us could’ve won it. Fortunately for me, I did. He very easily could have won just as easily as I could.”

Barney recalled a conversation he had with Al Geddes, who was the scout who signed the infielder back in 2007. Barney was playing shortstop for the Cubs but admitted that as much as he loved doing that, he thought he could win a Gold Glove at second base someday.

“It’s funny that three years down the road, it happened,” Barney said.

— Carrie Muskat


Whooooooooo!!! He did it!! While everyone else doubted I stayed here! Need some stats petrey? How about this stat??? I love you Barney! You deserve it!!!
~your biggest fan that has been here since forever!🙂 haha

Here is a nice stat:
Isabel-Barney…. 1
Petrey-Soriano…. 0

Congrats to Barney

It would seem a “crow” remark is called for, right Belgian?? Nah, we shall remain out of the gutter. I LOVE your stats!!!

haha I have nothing against Barney… I also never said “he won’t win” it was a possibility… and even Barney himself said Phillips could have easily won… you guys were to busy jerking barney off to realize that. The fact is his value is the highest it has ever been and he could very easily be traded… I don’t need to show any stats to prove that fact because about every baseball writer has posted the same comment. Keep hating on me thats fine.. I got broad shoulders and can handle it… continue to post your dumb, ignorant opinions bc its entertaining to read.

The vulgar language speaks for itself and validates all points made regarding such. Surprised such vulgarity, rudeness and inuendo is allowed…. oh yea, LOOOOVE your stats Belgian! Did I say that already? Oops.

“O I’m telling someone said a bad word!” Didn’t know this was Elementary School….. WAH WAH WAH!!!!!!! Let Barney catch your tears…

Wait a minute, wait a minute….EVERYONE???? Isabel!!!

Ohh your right…I ment it towards people I talk to about him. Bit your right, not everyone!

Plus remember when I started on this blog and talked non stop about Barney? And everyone got annoyed with me??? Well guess what?…it was ALL worth it! Hehehe…love it!❤❤❤🙂

Isabel – yes he did it and you and I knew that he would. Let the celebration begin. Now we can start reading the blogs about how he should be traded or hit better or do something else better – blah blah blah. But you and I know that he is the best and will be getting better and better all the time. That is the way he plays the game. You and I will never doubt Barney. Hoorah!

Whooooo White! Now we should start to yell so that way across the U.S so everyone can hear! Whoop!🙂

Darwin you deserved this award and I appreciate you being so gracious about it. Go Cubs!

Way to go Barney. Well deserved. That glove and bible had your name on them since august. Hope it can continue.

2 entries from wikipedia… 2 players, same team, but a HUGE difference…

the first one:
In 2012, Barney won a Fielding Bible Award as the best fielding second baseman in MLB. Barney was also awarded the 2012 Gold Glove award for his play at second base.
and the second one:
Soriano led all major league second basemen in errors every year from 2001 to 2005 (19 (tied), 23, 19, 23, and 21).

A second baseman: $ 500,000
A leftfielder who used to be second baseman : $ 18,000,000
The second baseman putting up superior defence stats than the former secondbaseman: PRICELESS

The Giants dodged a bullet when Soriano killed the deal. He would have been the DH no doubt as Bochy is too smart to be fooled by Soriano’s “impressive” defense to start him in LF. And who wound up BEING the DH in the final game, scoring the winning run? None other than former Cub, another “lil” middle infielder named Theriot.
Again, PRICELESS. I’ll give some credit to Soriano…for KNOWING he would not step up as a World Series participant. If his goal is to get to the World Series before he retires then he should be REQUESTING a trade not pondering whether or not he would APPROVE a trade. His goal certainly SEEMS to be his own comfort zone and the avoidance of being EXPOSED for the one dimensional player he is.

this comparison makes no sense… and if you are using wikipedia as your source you are as dumb as I thought…. wikipedia has the more errors on their site than the majority of other sites…. “A” for effort tho

also to your barney and soriano comparison…. fangraph WAR guess who has 2.5 and who has 4.0? Trust me you won’t like the answer…. Soriano=4 WAR which equals 20million dollars in VALUE…. wait you mean he was worth his pay this year for the first time in awhile? YES…… sadly…………. Barney war= 2.5 which gives us plenty of excess value which is AWESOME… thanks barney…. but you offense was so TERRIBLE you could barely get over average replacement value (2.0 war)… congrats! You give Barney one or two more errors next year and his war goes down the shitter…… WHICH IS WHY YOU LOOK TO TRADE HIM!!!!!!! Not a MUST but you at least call around to see if you could get a young SP with talent!

so Soriano value was > Barney this year? Yes…. absolutely… no way around it… Crow? Nah no crow needed here bc I feel I got a pretty strong base on this argument… now I’ll just sit back and read the comments based on fan OPINION as ignorant and uninformed as it may be.

Okay Petrey. You shall do that🙂

Isabel…YOU ROCK. Such a zinger, astute beyond your years.

ahhhhh thanks haha

haha this is just classic… whats that? you got nothing? Ya I know… YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!

No…I just dont argue with ignorant people that dont respect other peoples opinions. You say, “now I’ll just sit back and and read the comments based on fan OPINION..” Well now SIT BACK and read OUR opinions! We always hear your opinions, right? Do we agree with some stuff?…no but we never say “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH…” WHY? Because its what you think…so go ahead post your ignorant comments and just sit read our OPINIONS!

Oh and for your information, I have lots! I might be a young women but I have a mouth and its ready to explode with everything I got…so like you said before “I got broad shoulders…” well guess what petrey, so do I.

Its not what I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FREAKING FACT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE STATS!!!!!!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me ask you a question…. is 4 greater than 2.5? Its simple Yes or NO…….. no long posts……. no jabs back……. honestly just a question, is 4 greater than 2.5?

well no sh** it is!

Isabel, he may very well bring facts to the forum but it is what HE THINKS OF US, being ignorant etc. and that we should ONLY talk FACTS. HE THINKS then types such foul, suggestive language. Do not be fooled, it is ALL about what and HOW he THINKS that seperates us from him. You remain civil througought your posts and I hope you have the fortitude to keep at bay the temptation to retaliate in the way only a LONELY, MEAN SPIRITED person would. YOU and others that belong to the civil and respectful MAJORITY of posters
are truly ABOVE that kind of discourse. Besides…YOU ROCK!!!!

well thanks Joey. Im not affected by his remarks…Im just gonna keep saying what I want and express my ideas. (: hahaha

ummmm im telling….

ok then Soriano had more value this year… and Barney was barely over replacement value… thank you for answering this long debate!

Okaybut still the debate wasn’t just on how Soriano had more value then Barney…it was just because no one wanted to trade Barney that was really the BIG focus of the debate! So….yeah…just saying…

Petrey, I am an old lady who has survived so many terrifying experiences that your telling those of us who disagree with you to OPEN OUR EYES and SHUT OUR MOUTHS really has no impact. I have survived Communist machine guns trained on me, I have survived running from rioters on the streets of Paris, I have survived hurricanes that sent seaman off in straight jackets with terror. I have survived so much more and my survival has depended not only on facts and stats but also on “gut instinct”. So when you ask which is greater – 4 or 2.5 I could care less. My instincts tell me alot more than certain stats. It told me which direction to turn when rioters were running amok, it told me how to hang on to ropes to keep from being swept away at sea,and so on. So those of us who look at more than your measly facts and stats would appreciate your rude remarks disappearing from this Website.

I have so much respect for you White. You speak in your opinion and yours only and point out stuff that you dont like. Now Im sorry you have experienced things lilke that as I have seen many things I shouldn’t have too as a young girl. I have seen my friends get shot, a women shot, and so much more bad things that a kid shouldn’t have seen while growing up. I have seen all these things right outside of my house, infront of me. Im writing these things because I, like you, have that “gut instinct”. So GO WHITE! and GO BARNEY!🙂❤

no one cares how old you are.. seriously… have your instincts… old doesn’t mean wise… old can mean senile

A new low has now been set in his on-going quest for incivility & disrespect. White, I care about your age, instinct, story, history and what you bring to this blog, THANK YOU.

dang White, you beat me to it…. you are now officially senile… people called me different things but never that… and I want to be senile too…. can I be senile, please?… please? pretty please? Can I? Can I? Pleaaasseee? I want to be senile….

Since someone likes stats so much…. here is another one…. one player is 36 and has maybe a few more good years in him and the other one is 27, clearly improving every year and still has a lot of room for more improvement as his best years will come in 2 or 3 years time…. you are BUILDING a team for the future… who do you want to keep?
And one more note on WAR… every stat site gives diffenent numbers for the players. Petrey likes fangraph where Soriano is rated (overrated?) higher than Barney (underrated?) because they focus more on the offensive stats.
BaseballReference is more focused to the importance of all the aspects off the game and which ones are more importent for each position. And they have seperate Offensive and Defence WAR… so here they are (player, WAR, Off WAR, Def WAR)
Barney / 4.6 / 1.3 / 3.6
Soriano /1.8 / 2.2 / -1.2
So let’s call this straight down the middle and take the average of FG and BR…
Barney: 2.5 + 4.6 = 7.1 divided by 2 = 3.55
Soriano : 4.0 + 2.2 = 6.2 div. by 2 = 3.10

Ok Petrey… you win…. Soriano is WAAAAAYYY better than Barney and should get another 5yr extension while Barney has to be traded ASAP for a bag of BP-balls… Maybe give the Ricketts a call and tell him you can be the GM cause no one knows anything about baseball in the FO…

Belgian – thank you again for saving the day! I also want to thank Isabel for sharing some of your life experiences which were not so good. I want Isabel to know that these are probably things that have made her the strong resilient kind of person she is. I admire your lovely spirit and your kindness. Those who are able to come through the worst of the worst are usually the people who are the most successful and most repected human beings. So, Isabel, you go girl – you got the green light on life. And Belgian, you keep being our strong backup. And, again, congrats to Barney for giving us a Cubbie Gold Glove year.

Ahhh Thanks so much🙂

1) fangraphs is more widely accepted than BREF… ask any scout…
2) never said keeping Soriano was the thing to do or that he is the future of this club…
3) I will put a bet out there NOW that Barney will be LESS valuable next year because his defense won’t be GG worthy and his bat will CONTINUE to be below average like it has every year he has been in the MLB
4) I have nothing against Barney in any way… What I do have a problem is the homers on here who can’t see past the blinders… if we keep barney thats fine but don’t expect him to be a part of the future contender if one he can’t keep up this pace of defense or two improve to average offensively as a 2B in the MLB which he hasn’t … ever.. whether he K’s alot or not its the problem… its that he has never put up the OBP to be AVERAGE in the MLB…

Good morning, Petrey from your “senile” nemesis. I hope you are all set with your Nov. 2nd barbs. Good morning Joey. Thank you for your kind response to Petrey’s latest insults. I also enjoy reading your blogs and input. Good morning Isabel. I hope you are grabbing the baton and forging ahead for a great day. While we all have different opinions concerning baseball and the Cubs I think that we can hopefully agree that one of the great things about the game is that it is a wonderful and exciting diversion from the everyday moil and toil of life. We can sit back, enjoy the games and forget our problems. I have no idea why Petrey feels that he is the only one who knows anything about the game but I do know that I look forward to all your opinions.

Since I’m not in the US, it’s pretty difficult to find a scout to ask what is more widely accepted…
so I asked the organizer/promotor of the European Big League Tour,who happens to be a friend of mine, He just messaged me back that the scouts don’t care about either of them, but they think BREF is more interesting because they care more about defence.

And to make it a bit more easy for you, the person I’m talking about is Wim Van Den Hurk. If you know something about baseball, his last name should ring a bell…

And by the way, I just want to know what makes you think that you are the only person on here who knows anything about baseball.

And since you LOVE Fangraphs and WARs so much…. maybe we can trade Barney for the any of the second basemen of the WS winners, the Giants. Their 2 second basemen both have massive WARs of 1.9 and 0.0 (according to Fangraphs)

so about them cubs?

Belgian, I think the only person able to assign you “senile status” is Petrey. You will have to ask him to add you to his list.

Aw man! I wanna be senile too! Oh please Mr. Petrey please declare me senile so I can proudly proclaim my affiliation with the polite White! Oh, and don’t forget about Belgian…and Isabel too! Hey Isabel…you wanna be senile with us? Or are you too young? No, you are wise beyond your years, friendly, polite, curteous, funny…all the stuff that White, Belgian and some others share, therefore…YOU MUST BE SENILE! HOORAY!!! And we’re crazy too don’t forget, after all WE’RE CUBS FANS.

haha joey your so funny🙂

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