11/2 Marmol staying put

Carlos Marmol apparently jumped the gun on being traded. Marmol told a news outlet in the Dominican Republic that he was going to the Angels.

“I like Anaheim,” Marmol told El Caribe. “They have talent and they’ll give me an opportunity. I’m grateful to Chicago.”

There were reports that Marmol was being dealt for Dan Haren, but those reports are false. The Cubs never confirmed the trade.

Marmol, 30, is coming off a season in which he converted 20 of 23 save opportunities, and posted a 3.42 ERA in 61 games.

Haren, 32, had pitched 200 innings until last season when he totaled a career-low 176 2/3 innings. He also was on the disabled list for the first time with back problems.

Marmol was to receive $9.8 million next year, while Haren had a $15.5 million option. The Angels were believed to be willing to pay the $3.5 million buyout in order to get a quality player in return. Haren has said he didn’t want to leave California. Angels general manager Jerry DiPoto had to decide on Haren’s option by 11 p.m. CT.

— Carrie Muskat


Since I have been knocking them lately. I call it as I see it. So I wanted to congratulate Theo and Hoyer on a geat move! Keep it up. There is alot of work to be done!

Good move. Another piece of Hendry’s expensive puzzle removed. Haren SHOULD be a better option than Dempster. Although since the Cubs won’t be seriously competing next year Haren may be moved during the season for some quality prospects. Either way, this is a smart, caluclated move unlike the preceding GM
panick/glamor/make a splash moves. Looking very forward to 2014/15 when Hoystein’s acquired pieces may complete a contending puzzle.

Brock for Broglio. Angels’ fans are saying good riddance to a bad back problem on an aging pitcher. And there’s no money saved.

I like Haren he was good for Angels,I think one of the new kids will take Carlos ,spot Ill miss hin!!!!!


No Haren….

WoW U could be a little more optimistic and say like 2016/2017….

Will Jed and/or Theo still be here in 2014/2015?

“Contending Puzzle” —- Acquired Pieces Hmmmmm????

Dejesus and Stewart and Volstad and Soler and the 18 Year Old Draft Picks to contend?????

Let’s start with your last sentence…
Dejesus has only a contract for next season and is just a placeholder for the prospects that are getting ready (Soler, Almora, Szczur, Jackson).
Stewart is even doubtful for next season and 3B is one of the positions they will look for this offseason because none of the prospects are ready. But because the Cubs have some nice SS that make good progress (Baez and Lake), it is possible that one of them (or even Castro); may make the switch to 3B.
Volstad isn’t a Cub anymore. He was placed on waivers and the Royals claimed him.
Soler and “the 18y old draft pick” (Almora) I discussed before.
For the next part – the timeline – 2014/2015 is very realistic. The 2013 season will again be very disappointing for people expecting succes (I hope they’ll get 75 wins), but it will again be a season to see where the prospects are and what stones are locked in place. It seems the Cubs are set at C, 1B, 2B and SS with a lot of decent prospects waiting to roam the outfield.
I expect a lot of callups after the trade deadline, which I also expect to be a very busy time for the front office. If the Cubs can lock some more pieces in place by the end of the season, 2014 might be a big improvement and can put the Cubs in the hunt for a wildcard.
Now about your post in general, everything I just wrote comes from articles I read here at cubs.com in the last few weeks. Maybe you should read and follow up on the newsfeeds a bit more before posting some really outdated things.

Also Norhtmate, I said “MAY” complete a contending puzzle, not “WILL” complete.

Uh Belgian Cubbie (Do they even play Baseball where you live)???….

“Acquired Pieces” (Who THEO has brought in) = Dejesus, Stewart, Volstad, Soler and I forgot Travis Wood.. plus the 18 year old draft picks — ONLY SOLER will be here (hopefully) for 2014….

“Outdated Things”??? = FACTS…..

To suggest that Castro will switch to 3rd Base is all I need to know about your Scandinavian Baseball IQ = 0 (ZERO)….

Not a CHANCE Cubs contend for a WILD CARD in 2014!!!! Which is in ONE YEAR from right now — to get ready for the 2014 SEASON!!! Not Happening!!!!!

Yes they do play baseball where I live…. “scandinavian”???? well, that tells me all about your overall IQ…
and about the players the new FO did bring in…. did you somehow expect that they would acquire ALL the right pieces at once???? If you can’t get the player you need or want, you need to get another one untill you find the right match.
If the FO themselves set 2014/2015 as a goal and give players like Dejesus and Stewart contracts till the 2013 season, it is VERY obvious that the FO don’t expect or need them for the 2014 campaign.
About Castro playing 3B… if he can’t get his errors down and one of the prospects (Baez or Lake) puts up better defensive numbers a switch for Castro is the most logical thing to do.

But then again, to your eyes, I’m probably just some stupid European who doesn’t know anything at all… I bet there are some people here on this board who might think different about that.

haha northmate you are going to fight a losing battle… this blog is a bunch of hooligans… just get used to it

Northmate, maybe I am being a LITTLE too optimistic with 2014/2015 but as Belgian states the meaningful pieces of the puzzle will come after the MEANINGLESS contracts of DeJesus, Soriano (Hendry’s folly not Hosytein’s), Volstad (who is ALREADY gone and was only here to begin with due to Hendry’s other folly, Zambrano) and Stewart (who MAY already be gone and IF re-signed it won’t be long term, just a stop gap better than ValbueNA…MAYBE). So 2014 may very well show a team capable of contending and if not by 2015?? That’s not unrealistic when you think of some of the free agents that will probably be signed for the 2015 season, a year when Hoystein should be ready to wisely spend on just a few free agents that would solidify a contending team. But I do understand your take on the timeline taking longer, after all to this point there is NO recent history of ANY GM bringing us a World Series appearance but at least there is a history of the current GM doing so for another team, that is something to hang our Cubs’ hats on.

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