11/5 Meet DeJesus & help fight ALS

Cubs outfielder David DeJesus and his wife Kim will be the celebrity hosts of “Bite Nite” next Monday, Nov. 12, to benefit the ALS Association of Greater Chicago Chapter. The two will join 10 of Chicago’s top chefs, who will showcase tasting-size portions of their cuisine. The event also will feature a specialty vodka bar and silent art auction. Tickets are $75 for the fundraiser, to be held at Kendall College, 900 N. North Branch Street, Chicago, IL, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. CT. The ALS Association of Greater Chicago Chapter supports research, advocacy, awareness, community and local care services for those affected by amyotrophic lateral scleroris, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Kim’s high school friend was diagnosed with ALS, which motivated the couple to raise money and awareness. In July, they combined to lead a drive for ALS Day at Wrigley Field, and raised more than $28,000 for the ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter.

For more information on “Bite Nite,” go to ALSAChicago.org, or call (312) 932-0000.

— Carrie Muskat


STOP vaccinatiions…Stop chemicals and stop GMA foods..
then exercise..then eat healthy.. and watch on how these diseases disappear.

VERY sorry to hear about Kim’s friend having ALS. We do NOT know the cause of these diseases but we do know they are horrid. I have MS and it is also horrid. Stopping vaccinations IS NOT THE ANSWER. We have conquered many other horrid diseases with them. Stay away from chemicals? Good luck on that one. They are in and around EVERYTHING we touch. Excercise, yes, eat healthy, yes – I did all that but I still have MS. I do hope David and Kim’s fundraiser is a HUGE SUCCESS!

I agree. total mistake eliminating small pox and malaria. i say go measles. and i stay far away from chemicals. no shampoo or tooth paste for me thank you very much.

Chico, if only we would have known sooner that by just eating healthy, excersing and avoiding vaccinations we could have watched entire diseases disappear! I suppose my parents could have avoided the completley unnecessary and inconvenient Polo vaccination and if my Mom would only have excerised instead of working countless hours during the day….breast cancer would not have claimed her, extinguishing a most vibrant, loving, selfless, Cub loving and God loving soul….sigh, but I gotta go….there’s a teadmill waiting for me. Crap, I forgot about avoiding the dreaded shampoo and toothpaste this morning! (Nice one, Chico!)

Stop idiots from posting comments on articles just to further their own causes,

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