11/7 Let the rumors begin

MLB general managers are meeting this week in Indian Wells, Calif., which means trade rumors will be heating up. The Cubs are well represented as Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Jason McLeod, Randy Bush and Shiraz Rehman are at the meetings, which end Friday. The meetings are a chance for the Cubs executives to meet face to face with agents and teams.

The Cubs are in the market for two starting pitchers, an outfielder and possibly a third baseman. The Chicago Sun-Times reported the Cubs have expressed interest in free agent pitchers Brandon McCarthy and Shaun Marcum. The two would have to be willing to sign deals similar to what Paul Maholm and David DeJesus inked last year. Maholm signed a one-year, $4.75 million contract with a club option, while DeJesus signed a two-year, $10 million deal. McCarthy, 29, and Marcum, 30, have battled injuries the last two seasons.

“I think the contracts we signed last winter are a good model,” Hoyer told beat writers last week. “I think we have a chance to maybe sign more of those this year with a little bit more money to spend. … We might be able to sign more contracts like that or maybe even a little larger than last year, but I think it’s a good model of contract that really served us well.”

Hoyer said they have already laid groundwork with teams and agents prior to the meetings.

— Carrie Muskat 


hope our brain trust gets those deals accpomplished!!

Possibly a third baseman? I can’t see the Cubs being satisfied with Stewart, Valbeuena or Vitters to open up the season. With DeJesus being such a WEAK offensive outfielder (might as well play Campana full time, little RBIs but as good defense if not better and much greate speed on the bases) the Cubs most certainly need to add OFFENSE at third base.

my options for thirdbase has been Jeff Keppinger ( hits left handed pitching well) Kevin Youkilis and Drew Sutton. my personnel option is thatJim hendry should have never traded Casey McGhee away. ( was a good back up to Aramis Rameriz)

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I think the offense gets upgraded by one of Melky or BJ Upton….. both can be short and long term assets… both shouldn’t be ridiculously expensive… both fill a hole in the OF… Third base is going to be tough! I actually wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t suffer though another year of valbeuno, stewart, and vitters…

whats everyone think we will have for wins next year? I think we get to 75 wins

Yeah, wow, 75 wins we are on a roll now. Let’s not set our expectations to high and shoot for a 500 season huh.

yeah because going from 2nd worse in the MLB to almost .500 isn’t good enough? I mean come on man you can’t expect that big of a jump in one year… especially when we don’t know what moves will be made. If they get every piece they can/want then maybe .500 but don’t get your hopes up bc rarely do things go exactly as planned

in 1966 the Boston Red Sox finished last in the American league and in 1967 the Red Sox played the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series

so it happened once a long time ago… though I bet White was only 40 then… game has changed… don’t hold your breath

I’m very disappointed in the coverage of the GM meetings. For us Cub fans this and the winter meetings are our World Series. What gives.

Sly, I’ve monitored the Cubs news out of the GM meetings, and there’s been nothing newsworthy with the exception of the Cubs submitting a bid for the South Korean pitcher, and the team is not even confirming that.

Bowden just said the Cubs have an offer on the table for Fransisco Liriano…. I wouldn’t mind seeing him pitch for the Cubs

yea!! hope you get him !!

In reply to Petrey – White was alot younger then. And White was even alot younger when she used to watch Ted Williams play for the Red Sox. Great games. Living on the East Coast at that time I was a huge Red Sox fan.

Whoooo White! Your such an inspiration!!!🙂

White, you are the best and just based upon your civil, polite and interesting comments you certainly should be afforded your due respect. It is a joy reading the contrast of your sharp-wit with that of the dim-wit.

Whoooo White❤🙂

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