11/13 Cubs sign Baker

The Cubs began adding to the rotation by signing right-handed pitcher Scott Baker to a one-year contract. Baker, 31, signed for $5.5 million with another $1.5 million possible in performance bonuses.
The right-hander has pitched all or part of seven seasons with the Twins, from 2005-11. He has totaled 28 or more starts in three straight seasons, 2008-10.
The Twins’ Opening Day starter in 2010, he was limited to 23 appearances in 2011 because of a right elbow injury that eventually required Tommy John surgery. He did not pitch last year.
Baker leaves the Twins ranked among the club’s all-time leaders in several categories, including winning percentage (.568, fourth, minimum 100 decisions), starts (11th with 159), wins (11th with 63) and strikeouts (11th with 770).

— Carrie Muskat


Hope Scott still has it ,P 70% of the game

Low risk gamble, I like it.

haha beat ya to it Carrie! I like the sign as long as this isn’t one of the two SP to bolster our rotation. Scott is coming off of TJS and while he should easily be worth the money he is still just a 5th starter. Now if we can still get 2 more from the list of Grienke, McCarthy, Jackson, Marcum, Liriano, Sanchez, and Villaneuva then we are doing something. But as of right now Baker is no more than deadline tradebait

Dont know why Cubs fan would be interested in Grienke, he is not worth the money he will demand. Jackson would eat up some innings and possibly be trade bait in July. I would take a chance on the other 4, depending on the money, hoping they done well through July, then trade them.

they are just possibilities and very dependent on money…

Baker is not a bad pickup for Kansas city royals. While the Blue Jays, a Canadian city (Toronto) known for hockey rapes and pillages (please excuse me for the bad term) the Florida Marlins ,we sign a pitcher coming off Tommy John surgery. Am I the only person thinking this is unexceptable? What about the cubs being creative and going after Giancarlo Stanton since the Marlins are having a fire sale. I don’t get it. WTF is going on here. The three players going to Toronto salary are prob around $40 mil. So next year we start the year at 80 MIL . 20 Mil less than where we should be aroudn 100 mil to be competative. I’m sorry this is embarrassing. I know Theo and company are making the Rickets a large profit but this is a crying shame. MR RICKETS PLEASE SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT WINNING. I WILL NOT GO TO ANOTHER GAME!

I disagree. Maybe you missed the memo regarding BUILDING sustained success, not BUYING it.
Theo made it perfectly clear about the time needed to do this, so all of these “acquisitons” from DeJesus to Baker are just basically pawns on the board and are not expected to be SIGNIFICANT
contributors for WINNING. Instead, they are just gap fillers or possibly SIGNIFCANT trade candidates for acquiring players TO BUILD an ORGANIZATION. Our patience as fans has been tested countless times in the past by GM’s WITHOUT A PLAN, I see no reason not to afford our current GM who not only HAS A PLAN but has disclosed it to us some time and patience. I would hope that there will be a few trades and free agent signings in the next year or two that WILL be for “keeper”, “impact” players but I will not begrudge Theo for not acquiring these players for the 2013 season. 2013 will need to be about making room on the roster for 2014, Soriano and DeJesus must go before or during 2013 if The is to make some serious bids for the likes of Upton and others of such age and talent. Ridding the team of these two (and others) will be the precursor to bigger and better players to come.

soriano has no bearing on Upton or any other free agent… we can handle both contracts… the thing hold us back is whether we will be aggressive or conservative with our bids to the guys we want. So far we have been a tad too conservative but as the pieces come together I expect us to get a little bit more aggressive. Maybe not this year but in the next couple years. A good Cubs team with a payroll of 130 million is probably just has profitable as the terrible crap we threw out there this year for whatever our payroll was this year

Glad your sharing your opinions Petrey, very civil too! Good job.

Loading up on these guys with the hope several of them pan out with the future talent coming up gives us Cub fans hope. A second pick this year should add some good talent to the farm. Look for our Cubs to make some noise this year. Yes, I remain optomistic.

P RED IS spot on…..

How come so many of you are good with the PATIENCE theme? Look around oh let’s see…. LA DODGERS nope — OAKLAND As nope –TORONTO BLUE JAYS nope — SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS — nope….. ALL of these teams WILL BE COMPETITIVE THIS YEAR!!!!! FLORIDA MARLINS — PATIENCE CHICAGO CUBS — PATIENCE!!!! Were in one of the TOP markets in MLB and the Fan Base is OFF THE CHARTS!!!!


With all the CASH on hand — Spend on some guys that GIVE us a CHANCE at least!!!!

BAKER at $5.5 is A LOT for a PITCHER that has not started a game since AUG 8, 2011????

Besides why have all of that doubt out there on the signing of this guy….

Oh but the memo Tom sent us all talks about all of the good things the CUBS do off the field…


A case in point:

Today on 11/15/12 on ESPN.com HEADLINE: “Boston Red Sox GM: Red Sox To Have Large Payroll…

Great article as they are planning on having a Payroll around $145Mil for 2013…

Right NOW Only $45Mil… SO they are going to add $100MIL???

THAT should be the CUBS!!!!!

At LEAST It gives Red Sox fans HOPE for 2013….

WE have ZERO HOPE of Competing in 2013!!!!!

first off the offseason isn’t over…. second I understand your frustration and I am with you that we can support a higher payroll BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT you can’t expect to blow your whole wad of free cash flow in one offseason ESPECIALLY when 1) the FA market is weak 2) we just finished with 100 losses. You can’t just magically spend and appear into contending form because that would hurt your financial flexibility in the future which is what the FO is trying to avoid. The cubs WILL spend… I actually expect them to spend SOME money this year and acquire a talent that will be part of the long term plan (im hoping melky or BJ upton). There is no way the Red Sox can justify spending 100 million in one offseason on this weak FA class. Also just so you know… joey is probably going to come in here and rant about Hendry this and Soriano that so be warned

If you start the building process from the bottom up, it takes a few years. Did the complainers pay attention to the Draft? Did they pay attention to the trades last July? Have you done any investigating as to what has been brought into the Organization in just one year?
Fans like the complainers above want money spent on FA’s that give them and them only hope! I love the fact the money is going in the system and class coaching.
There is no hope for 2013 even if you sign all the class FA’s. It would just be money wasted as their talent today, would not be as good in 2014 and the Cubs would be stuck with them when guys like Baez, Jackson, Soler, Almora, Viscaino, Szczur, Lake, Johnson and so forth are ready.
After this years Draft and July trades there will be another class right behind this one.

I agree..we got some potential in the minors… what I don’t agree with is not getting guys now because you expect those younguns to pan out. I would say more than HALF those guys probably wont make this team much better with a couple of them turning into nice pieces. Not every prospect in a system is going to pan out. You can’t plan for them to. You get talent when and however you can to make your team the best it can be.

also not saying we should go crazy spending but we should be looking to add an OFer or two, 3B, a few SPers, and some bullpen help. Even though we have prospects waiting in the wings to fill those spots. Also having too many good prospects is a good thing…. thats when you can start making deals at the deadline to upgrade positions of need

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