11/15 Doing it Theo’s way

MLB commissioner Bud Selig, in Chicago Thursday for owner’s meetings, was asked if he was concerned about big market teams like the Cubs and Red Sox which are going into long-term rebuilding plans despite having revenues and ticket prices that are among the highest in the game.

“What the Cubs are doing, with Theo [Epstein], in my opinion, is they’re absolutely on the right track,” Selig told reporters. “I can’t be critical of that. I think I can use my own instinctive baseball judgment. As for the Red Sox, they’ve made a lot of changes. We’ll see what they do this winter. They do have a lot of talent left there. I like the way the Cubs are going. If I was running a franchise, I would follow that pattern to a ‘T.’

“It’s interesting how do you do things,” Selig said. “Spending money doesn’t guarantee anybody anything. I want to be very careful here. There are different ways to try to compete, and sometimes you’ve got to be realistic. Sometimes you have to say to yourself, `I’ve got to rebuild my scouting, my international.’ I’m a believer in that. I’d do it again if I was running a club, and I can’t be critical.”

— Carrie Muskat 

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