11/15 Soriano gets support on MVP ballot

Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano was named on three National League MVP ballots, cast by members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Giants catcher Buster Posey won the award. Soriano received a sixth-place vote, a ninth-place vote, and a 10th place vote. Two of the ballots were cast by Chicago writers. Soriano led the Cubs with 32 home runs and a career-high 108 RBIs while batting .262 in 151 games. It was his sixth career 30-homer season and first since 2007.

— Carrie Muskat


mmmmmm crow…. its what joey has for dinner

Somebody must be in need of an eye exam? 22 players ranked higher than Soriano, he had no votes higher than 6th place, two of the three votes cast were by his home town writers (duh, so special!) a two percent share, a measley 1.8 WAR (0-2 = “Reserve Player” status. According to Baseball Projection.com). Well, I suppose SOMEBODY had to share the MVP caliber spotlight with the likes of Gio Gonzalez, the AWESOME Kris Medlen and Martin Prado. These are all facts by the way. unless of course Baseball Reference.com are a bunch of OPINERS. Nope, no crow on my plate, just red on somebody’s face. Kinda makes ya feel good, right White?
I’m sure with this stunning validation of Soriano’s awesome talent suiters will now be lined up at Theo’s door BEGGING him to trade Soriano so he can lead their team to a World Series champianship. THIS IS FUNNY STUFF. At least I know I am still paramount in some commentor’s life, always on their mind, always under their skin. Pathetic….as usual. And away we go….

Aw Joey, Petrey has probably had to eat so much crow in his lifetime that he just wants to share a “tasty tidbit” with you. I think you are more of a filet mignon kind of guy. On another note, I see that talk of wanting to trade Barney is hot on the blogs again, or as usual. Is there something I am missing here? To me, Barney is one of the rebuilding blocks of this team and one who should remain at 2nd base for a long time. Am I the one who will have to “eat crow”?

white your not dead yet?

Like me, you will never eat crow either White, only people with vile comments such as the inquiry of your death….a new low even for a low life form…will have such a meal waiting for them… I agree, Barney should be retained at second base for years to come, however IF he should bring some very good talent in return (evidently teams want HIM) in order help build for the future it would be hipocritical on our part to deem Barney as untouchable. I want to keep him BUT we should keep an open, mature, reasonable mind when it comes to the CUBS getting better. Not an easy task and it may take trading Barney?? I HOPE NOT ISABEL!!!

i agree with all your stats… just interesting how someone would vote for him for MVP because someone (actually MULTIPLE someones) who knows more than you or I did the voting but yet you still bash. Its fine…im used to it

Nope, not dead yet Petrey. I read the obits every day – if my name isn’t there I’m good to go. haha

Big deal. As if I’m supposed to be honored by your agreeing with me? . White, nor anybody should be ridiculed in such a way, you are the best at doing such. Your last comment to White solidifies you as being completley INSIGNIFCANT. I admit it may not be possible and I may not have it in me to ignore your vile and mean spirited remarks but I certailnly will be praying for the strenght to do just that. GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDANCE.

lol Soriano mvp. that’s good stuff. thank you much.

Atta boy Chico.

yeah as much as i appreciate the improvements this year, mvp candidate is quite laughable. Though I will say this, if you take his stats from when he switched to the lighter bat like at the end of May, he does have some of the best numbers in baseball from that point on (one of the few decisions from Sveum I really agreed with, though whether it came from him I guess I can’t be sure). It will be interesting to see if he can carry it all into next season. If he keeps strengthening that knee he might get lucky and be part of a competitive 2014 team. Beisbol has been bery, bery good, to him. Not so much the other way around.

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He did rack up some surprisingly good numbers since the switch to the lighter bat, no doubt he had some of the best offensive numbers in the game, nice point Chico. Even a better point is how you so accuratley describe his proximity to MVP….laughable. Well said, you get another “ATTA BOY” for sure!!!

well on an other note….melky got signed by BJs today…. heres to hoping we get bj upton

I’m kind of glad we didn’t get Melky. I’d rather see Bourn in center for a long-term deal. A nice fit for leadoff. Bourn, Castro, Rizzo would make a nice 1, 2, 3.

agreed but at what cost… and how long? Bourn isn’t exactly young

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