11/19 Cubs roster update

With the signing of reliever Shawn Camp, the Cubs’ 40-man roster is now at 39. For those who need an update (and can’t find it on Cubs.com):

* 21 pitchers – Baker, Beliveau, Bowden, Brigham, Cabrera, Camp, L. Castillo, Chapman, Coleman, Concepcion, Dolis, Garza, Gutierrez, Marmol, Putnam, Raley, Rusin, Russell, Samardzija, Vizcaino, T. Wood

* 3 catchers – W. Castillo, Clevenger, Navarro

* 7 infielders – Barney, Castro, Lake, Rizzo, Stewart, Valbuena, Vitters

* 8 outfielders – Campana, DeJesus, Jackson, LaHair, Sappelt, Soler, Soriano, Szczur

Contract status:

* Arbitration eligible: Garza, Russell, Samardzija, Stewart and Valbuena

* Signed: Baker, Concepcion, Marmol, Navarro, Castro, DeJesus, Soler, Soriano

— Carrie Muskat


They still appear “pitcher weak”…..

They’re still weak in a few areas but it shouldn’t be as painful as this season was.

Looking good to me. I am still wondering who will be at 3rd. Castro, Barney and Rizzo are locked in for 1st, 2nd and SS so we need to find a 3rd baseman to lock up the infield. I also hope that Campana comes back. His playing in Venezuela should help his batting and he sure is fun to watch on base. The pitching seems to be being addressed and I am glad Garza is raring to go.

White, I hope Campana improves enough to challenge for the CF/lead-off spot as I have never been a fan of DeJesus as either a lead-off man or a run producer even though he has a good OBP, to me he is not lead-off man material. The departures of Dempster and Maholm are not made up yet and the addition of Baker is only a modest improvement, and only if healthy so I will agree with Faye and Chico….still a “pitcher weak”, and certainly VERY WEAK at 3B, but still an evolving roster. I think we will get even better by spring training especially if Hoystein can pull off a miraculous Soriano “dumping” and replace him with a bona fide outfielder/run producer/base runner/instinctive/smart BALL PLAYER as opposed to just a “hiitter”.

Oh yeah White, one more thing….HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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