11/22 Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a great holiday, and a chance to enjoy family, friends, food and football. Thank you for reading and commenting and inquiring.

— Carrie Muskat 


Hi, Carrie. I really enjoy your stuff. Nobody else knows more about the Cubs than you. I grew up near Wrigley Field in the ’50s. Bleachers 60 cents. I’m now retired in Brazil. I used to go up to Chicago every year for an entire home stand. But no more trips these days. Keep up the good work. (I’m already signed up for your e-mail posts.) “BrucefromBrazil”

Carrie you do a great job! We Cub fans in Arizona always can stay up to date by reading your blogs. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great holiday season.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day. I enjoy your blog & appreciate your excellent coverage of the Cubs.

I thank you Carrie for your dedicated work on the Cub’s blogs. I look forward every day to reading your news and love to respond back and forth with others. Hope you are having a happy holiday weekend. Everyone tells me I HAVE to gain some weight so I am happily eating everything in sight Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yum yum. LOL

Thank you from Florida for all you do to keep us up to date on our beloved Cubbies.

Cubs fans. Hello again from Brazil. Holiday trivia quiz: Where did Carrie get the name for her blog? (I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right, as I loved it when I first heard it on an obscure Chicago FM radio station back in the day.)

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