11/29 Dempster update

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports the Brewers, Red Sox and Angels are among the teams pursuing Ryan Dempster, who was believed to be seeking a three-year deal. Dempster, 35, compiled a 3.38 ERA in 173 innings for the Cubs and Rangers last season. The right-hander also has been linked to the Dodgers, Twins and Cubs, but the Cubs most likely would not offer a three-year contract.

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer was asked this week if the team would consider a long-term, multi-year commitment to a pitcher.

“It’s so early in the offseason, it’s hard to assess that kind of question,” Hoyer said. “Two of the main guys we targeted going into winter were [Scott] Baker and [Scott] Feldman. We felt both guys were very similar and thought they would both benefit coming to the National League. We felt they would both have upside left, both were young. Whether we would add a guy on a multi-year commitment, I think that depends on the player and the opportunity for us.”

Baker and Feldman both signed one-year deals with the Cubs this month.

— Carrie Muskat


Why would the Cubs want a 37 or 38 year old Ryan Dempster who more than likely will suffer the ravages of age and not even perform to his career level of average?
That type of contract is exactly what used to keep the Cubs from getting better. The money HAS to be put toward more capable, younger or at least BETTER pitchers and or positon players. Dempster….been there, done that. Next please.

“It’s so early in the offseason, it’s hard to assess that kind of question,” Hoyer said. “Two of the main guys we targeted going into winter were [Scott] Baker and [Scott] Feldman. We felt both guys were very similar…” WTF? Hard to assess? Does he think we’re all stupid? We’re dying for pitching and it’s too early to assess? And both Baker and Feldman are similar? No kidding!? Both stink and are coming off injuries. At least Dempster is healthy if getting old. I’ll bet anyone here and now that in 2013 Dempster pitches more innings than Feldman and Baker combined. $100 an inning difference, I’ll take Dempster.

Being a Cub fan….I just can’t take that bet….you could be right!!! BUT, I still don’t think Dempster is the right type of player/money for this team over the next 3 years which is what he wants. Let’s face it, Hoystein is going on the cheap, we all know that but at least we also know he is buying time for a year or two and then will SPEND, SPEND, SPEND so he is not going to waste money on a three year contract with an OLD and less than stellar pitcher. Watch….no sooner do I say it…they’ll sign him….oy.

3 years is to much for Dempster. Very happy with the Baker and Feldman signings. Very excited at the progress at lower level Minors and rookie league.
Buying time was the key words. Should one or both do well, they may be rewarded with a trade to a contender bringing more prospects come July.
From the bottom up is the plan, you ladies keep complaining, but I love it. Then how can you complain about a coach? Who cares who he played for? If he can help a guy or two, he will be worth it.

3 years may be too much but I don’t see how they couldn’t be more interested in Dempster. He’s proven himself healthy and very effective in the National League and loves Chicago. I don’t like it that the Cubs keep going after average pitchers coming off of bad years and injuries. Seems like a lot of risk and won’t add much to the “future” of the Cubs. Their whopping 1 year deal really shows how much the Cubs management believes in their “upside.” They’re going to be traded for more average young guys who will take years to develop or just leave after the 1 year is over. The only upside is saving money, but then you might as well throw the AA and AAA pitchers that the Cubs have out there and just let them figure out the majors on the fly.

Tim Hawkins just dont get it! Dempster for 3 years at over 12 Million a year is way to much for a 38 y/o average starter. Just because he was a Cub and done well, does not make him a Super Star. Its great Cub fans are loyal to their favorite players, it been that way for years. Maybe Cub fans should be loyal to their team instead of individual players. Maybe thats what it will take to win. Team Support.

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