11/29 Josh Vitters update

Josh Vitters is back home after a brief stint in Venezuela. He switched teams, leaving the Caracas squad after two games to play for an affiliate so he could get more playing time, the Cubs said. But Vitters has now returned to the U.S. to work out for the rest of the winter. Vitters, 23, batted .304 at Triple-A Iowa last season and was 12-for-99 (.121) in 36 games with the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat



Thanks for the update

I don’t see any future for Vitters with the Cubs. What happened to his playing in Venezuela? Coming home and just “working out” for the winter won’t get him the playing time he needs to try to improve his game. He just seems to be “a deer in the headlights” at this point. I would like to know, too, how Campana is doing down there. Really want to see him back with the Cubs in 2013. Good to hear that Barney is down in Arizona getting some batting sessions in.

sooo, Vitters didnt report to the new team & just came home instead?

As I understand it, he played with a lower echelon team before joining the main Caracas team to get his timing back. He didn’t do much if anything in either.

Am unimpressed with Vitters. Is it unrealistic to think Junior Lake could be our hot corner answer and be major league ready in near future or is he going to need at least another year of seasoning?

Alot of fans down on Vitters and he has done nothing for them to think positive of him. My point would be, he is still very young at 22/23. It takes some people longer to mature. He has no trade value at this time, so theres no reason not to put him at AAA and see if he starts to get it.
He has a taste of ML baseball, now lets see how bad he wants it. If he dont, oh well? If he does, he needs to go after it.

Good point. I guess letting him give it another try at AAA wouldn’t hurt as long as he isn’t blocking someone else. If he doesn’t show improvement rather quickly I think he should be released. I don’t mean to be mean but we need to get this team in motion with really ready players.

Vitters will be blocking Junior Lake at 3B in AAA next year…

Vitters is still twice the prospect Lake is at this point.

Vitters did report to the other VZL team, and played, and then returned home. He is expected to open 2013 at Iowa. And, yes, he is still young. As for Tony Campana, he’s batting .118 (2-for-17) in six games in VZL with two stolen bases

And Lake has been playing left field in the Dominican lately. Maybe that’s the answer to get his bat in the lineup

Hey…..LEFT FIELD….I like the sound of THAT. Come on AL teams! Soriano is your guy!!!

i doubt LF is how the Cubs try to get Lake at-bats in AAA. Vitters will probably be the one moving around in Iowa to 1B, 3B, & LF. i smell a trade if anything

Try Vitters at 1st? Oh I really hope not!!!!!! Rizzo, Barney and Castro have that area covered. We need 3rd base covered – probably not by Vitters. Joey, I kinda think Soriano will be back in 2013. Can’t see Lake in LF any time soon and I thought they were looking at him for 3rd in case Stewart doesn’t cut it.

I know White, I was just dreaming of ANYBODY other than Soriano in LF, I wasn’t serious. And I agree I think Soriano will be back in 2013 being one of the hardest players to trade because of his money, lack of outfield instincts and defense, lack of baserunning skills, lack of plate discipine, bad knees, old age but other than THAT…really, what team wouldn’t want this STUD?

That was pretty rude getting on Soriano like that joey. The guy did very well in LF last year. He knocked in 100 runs, hit over 30 HR’s. He did not steal alot nor did he walk alot, but without him, the Cubs would have the 1st Draft pick this June.
What do you want from the clean up guy? Soriano had a very good year. Also, if you read the articles, it has been stated that older guys with huge contracts are more tradeable towards the end of the contract. If Soriano can come anywhere near what he did last year, he may be very valuable come July.

Jasper, without Soriano’s offense last year you mean the Cubs would have been even worse thusly acquriing the first draft pick…wouldn’t that be a good thing? I don’t know what articles you are referring to that state OLD players with diminishing skills and owed HUGE amounts of money are more tradeable?? I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT!! And Soriano is indeed very valuable come July to another team because if drops in run production in any way NO team will want him for a DH let alone a left fielder. Him coming CLOSE to last years stats will be the only chance of trading him and then there is still the hurdle of him ACCEPTING the trade. Let’s see if he puts his money where his mouth is if Hoystein finds a CONTENDING team willing to take him off our hands or if he would nix the deal like he did for the Giants to remain entrenched in his comfort zone of no spotlight, no pressure, no cameras….after saying he wants to another World Series shot. If so, he should be REQUESTING a trade.

Soriano had a pretty good year hitting behind Rizzo. Who was hitting behind Soriano? If you think about that, it makes Soriano’s production look even better. It will be ok even if hes kept, who is there to replace him? Theres no one ready yet. Another sign of Hendry’s strong farm system.

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