11/30 Cubs non-tender Stewart

The Cubs non-tendered Ian Stewart on Friday, but hope to re-sign the third baseman, who missed most of last season after needing wrist surgery. The Cubs did tender contracts to right-handed pitchers Matt Garza and Jeff Samardzija, left-handed pitcher James Russell, and infielder Luis Valbuena. Garza, Samardzija, Russell, Valbuena and Stewart were arbitration eligible. In addition, 14 players from the Cubs’ 40-man roster were tendered 2013 contracts on Friday. Besides Stewart, the Cubs also non-tendered right-handed pitchers Zach Putnam and Jaye Chapman. Putnam and Chapman were not eligible for arbitration.

Chapman was acquired from the Braves in the Paul Maholm deal. He compiled a 3.52 ERA in 40 games for Triple-A Gwinnett, striking out 60 and walking 29 over 53 2/3 innings. He gave up eight runs on 11 hits and seven walks over 9 1/3 innings in eight games with Triple-A Iowa, and was promoted to the Cubs in September. In 14 games, he struck out 12 and walked 10 over 12 innings, giving up five earned runs in 14 games for a 3.75 ERA.

Putnam, whom the Cubs claimed off waivers from the Rockies on Nov. 2, spent most of the season at Triple-A Colorado Springs, and gave up 28 earned runs on 73 hits and 27 walks over 60 2/3 innings, striking out 49. He was 12-for-17 in save situations. Putnam was originally drafted by the Indians in the fifth round in 2008, then dealt to the Rockies in January this year.

The Cubs also announced pitcher Casey Coleman, who was designated for assignment earlier this week to make room on the 40-man roster for pitcher Scott Feldman, has cleared waivers and been assigned outright to Triple-A Iowa. With the moves, the Cubs’ 40-man roster now stands at 37.

The deadline to tender an arbitration eligible player was 11 p.m. CT Friday. Players who are non-tendered become free agents. The Cubs needed to make the moves to open up roster space.

— Carrie Muskat


Is depressing that we hope to sign Stewart. He performed lamely when he was healthy last season. Why would one think that is going to suddenly change? Is Garza doing anything to correct his “yips” issues when he is required to field his position on the hill and is challenged to make simple tosses to first base? I`ve never seen a major league pitcher endure more difficulty with that than he.

Depressing is supposed Cub fans posting without thought. You dont bother reading articles to understand whats going on or what the FO is trying to accomplish before posting cynical comments.
Colvin was a power hitting RF with a very low OBP. The Cubs needed a 3rd baseman. They took a gamble that Stewart was healthy and could make a come back, it simply did not work out. So like last year, they still need a 3rd Baseman.
So that gamble backfired, what all has worked out? Lots! But then again to understand that, you pretty much have to read all articles, look at the Minor League stats, follow the draft and actually TRY to understand all transactions.

Hey jasper LIGHTEN UP!!!!

Since U put so much THOUGHT into all of your Posts and Know so much about everything!!!!

To DATE NOTHING has worked out and for U to say “LOTS” is WAY to PREMATURE Jasper!!!!!

MInor League STATS mean nothing in the SHOW….

Draft over HALF will Wash out…..

Transactions WOW say hello to “Tommy John” which is a BIG gamble….
( JHOSK and MIA did pay attention to the Ian Stewart TRANSACTION)

FACT GARZA had the “YIPS” on throws last year….. Y opposing teams at the end of the year did not make him field his position is amazing!!!!!

Easy jasper Easy….

ch Grienke and that would start to make this team better.

I think all the comments so far have some validity to them. Some decisions worked out, Colvin and DJ (thank goodness for initials, who wants to spell HIS last name??) for Stewart was a gamble but at least it was for a much needed postion and both Colvin and DJ are not the second coming of Mays and Sandberg. So not a real bad first season so far for the new regime who are doing what they claimed all along….building slowly with young talent to develop a sustained winning organization. To be stuck on the Stewart for Colvin/DJ trade is not good, we should move on and look forward to the young, BETTER players coming up that will make us forget all about the Hendry Holdover Gang….including Colvin and DJ.

Who`s DJ? I am getting the impression that you are assuming Stewart is history. Did not I read that the Cubs would like to re-sign him? That prospect troubles me.

DJ LaMahieu, he was included along with Colvin to Colorado for Stewart. I just don’t like spelling his last name….doh. He had a good year along with Colvin which makes the trade look bad…and it was. But not uforgivable bad, that’s my point. It’s not like Hoystein signed Milton Bradley, Fukodome, Miles, re-signed Zambrano, and gave an over-rated, aging, DH slugger an 8 year contract.

Thanks for enlightening me, joey.

You’re welcome jhosk, and I agree with you…the Cubs signing Stewart is troubling but just like losing Colvin and DJ was not the end of the world neither would be signing Stewart. I am holding out for a better option at 3B however.

Glad you have the patience joey. You also did explain that very well. I too liked Colvin, but if you really follow whats going on, you would understand why and what happened.
Under Pienella Colvin was given a chance and had a decent 1st year. Under Quade, he was not given a chance to succeed in my opinion. Quade batted him 8th except a very few times. Being a high K hitter and not being patient as most, that was a very bad spot to hit him. Pitchers did not have to give him much to hit with the Pitcher up next.
Much more to it, but I think Quade blew it with Colvin.

I agree completley with you Jasper regarding how Quade single handedly punched Colvin’s ticket out of Wrigley Field. Quade was a black mark on our Cubs…courtesy of the brilliant mind of Hendry. Still keep wondering what this team would be with Sandberg instead of Sveum??? Sveum is doing rather well to date, playing the hand given him but the Sandberg snub is troubling.

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