12/5 Cubs to sign Schierholtz

The Cubs have reportedly filled an outfield spot on Wednesday, agreeing to terms with free agent outfielder Nate Schierholtz on a one-year contract. The Cubs would not confirm the deal, but reports are that Schierholtz, 28, will receive $2.25 million. He must first pass a physical.

The Cubs came into the meetings looking for a left-handed hitting outfielder who can play center or right. In six seasons with the Giants and Phillies, he has a .270 batting average, 24 home runs, 75 doubles and 123 RBIs. He has primarily played right field, and the addition would move David DeJesus to center.

Schierholtz batted .257 for the Giants and Phillies with six home runs in 114 games. He began last season with San Francisco, and was dealt to Philadelphia on July 31 along with two Minor League players for Hunter Pence. He made a good impression in his Phillies debut, hitting a home run against the Nationals. His playing time was limited when he fractured his right big toe on Aug. 13.

In his career, he has limited at-bats at Wrigley Field, playing in nine games, and going 7-for-18.

— Carrie Muskat


another mediocre worthless player. The Cubs aren’t going to do a darn thing again but sign crap players, hurt players, and old players

Doesn’t matter… They have a plan… They are shooting for 2015. Would you rather they spend a bunch of money on guys in their 30’s? Just to finish 3rd or 4th in the division instead of last? Patience… Patience… We’ve waited over 100 years we can wait 3 more

I want them to make an honest effort to win.


I agree, except for the fact signing players like this for 2.25 million doesn’t make sense even while having a plan. Will Schierholtz be THAT much of an improvement over DeJesus in RF with Campana in CF? No, just more expensive…to what end? If the Cubs are just buying time until 2015 (I’m fine with that) they might as well buy cheaper time and use Campana (Sappelt??) instead of a player that just cost more for the same old mediocrity. Schierholtz doesn’t even seem to be the type of player who can be used as a trading chip come July. This appears to be an indefensable acquistion when asked: “Do the Cubs really improve IN ANY WAY with this player?” I think not. A real head scratcher. This outfield is looking worse every day. Keeping the faith in Hoystein….just scratching my head more.

the thing is you can plan to win in 2015 but that is so far off how in the world can you justify that? I mean you can’t just spend all in one offseason and get every piece your team is going to need… thats what happened to us before. And if the plan is to have all of our prospects up in the bigs by then how can you guarantee they ALL pan out? You can’t that why you get what you can when you can….. this all may work out and we will look back at this and laugh but right now this is very upsetting… GO NATIONALS!!!


With Schierholtz, the Cubs have committed $26.05MM to six free agents. They previously signed Kyuji Fujikawa, Scott Feldman, Scott Baker, Dioner Navarro, and Shawn Camp…..

MAYBE just go blow some cash and sign Michael B…

WOW nice job Theo and Jed!!!!

I not only renewed my Four Season Tickets I added Four more.

This team may lose 105 GAMES with this ROSTER!!!!

I know I know they signed ALL of these players to then trade at the deadline for Young Talent and Prospects….

So we will WIN in like 2016 or 2017….

How SILLY of me to want a PRODUCT on the field this YEAR that COULD compete.

Or Go PAY KEVIN YOUKILS whatever he wants on a two year deal…

U know they should actually sign Both Bourne and Youkilis as the #3 MARKET in MLB!!!!

Alright alright I will STOP!!!

But Seriously!!!!!

Sheesh… Calm down guys… They aren’t gonna make the playoffs this year anyway. May as well just plug in average players and wait. It would take so much money to compete this year. They would have to sign greinke, anibal sanchez, hamilton etc to even have a chance. I’m excited about the guys coming up. Javier baez sounds amazing. Jorge soler sounds exciting. Plus Castro is still young. They need to see how brett Jackson is gonna fare and if he has improved after overhauling his swing. Their farm system was lousy when theo took over and he’s trying to replenish it. Signing big name guys in their 30’s isn’t the key to long term success. The yankees would kill to have baez, almora, and soler waiting in the wings. Plus Rizzo will be entering his prime in a couple years. Don’t worry about 2013. Let’s just keep our young guys healthy and stick to the plan. Check this out and you may feel better…

Not sure if you’re including me in with “the guys” but it sounds like we are on the same page? I agree with you on all points but must ask you: If they are just plugging in average guys just to wait it out…WHY sign THIS TYPE (Schierholtz) of average guy???? It’s bad enough they signed the average DeJesus to fill a hole and buy time and now Schierholtz?? Don’t you think between Campana, Sappelt (or even Jackson…I know…BELOW average…so far) the average players that will not get us to a world series are already on the roster? Schierholtz is just using up payroll and a roster spot. What am I missing about this guys potential? He has some? It sounds like Campana WITH his .260 ba would be much more an appropriate “filler” while waiting for 2015. I know Campana wouldn equal the HUGE amount of 4 homers PER YEAR that Schierholtz has “accomplished” but he may come close to that with INSIDE THE PARK HOMERS (HA!), plus his speed, stolen bases and bunting prowess already make him more valuable than Schierholtz.
Please, if the Cubs are going to pretend to improve their existing roster can they at least get players that are obviously better than Campana, Sappelt (and DeJesus)? If not, then use lil Tony!!

Thats a pretty cool link! haha

Oh and that comment was for : bigmeechy74! I thought I was replying to him but it came up as a actual comment! :O

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