12/7 Ian Stewart returns

One year ago on the last day of the Winter Meetings, the Cubs made a deal to acquire Ian Stewart from the Rockies. One year later,  Stewart received a new deal with the Cubs. The third baseman has reportedly agreed to a one-year, $2 million contract. The money is a slight drop from the $2.2375 million Stewart made last year, but he has a chance to make another $500,000 in incentives. The money also is non-guaranteed, so if he isn’t healthy after undergoing wrist surgery, the Cubs are not obligated. The Cubs did talk to free agent infielder Jeff Keppinger about playing third, but he signed a three-year, $12 million deal with the White Sox. The free agent market was thin, and the Cubs did like Stewart enough last year to trade Tyler Colvin and DJ LeMahieu to the Rockies for him.

— Carrie Muskat


lol this keeps getting worse and worse…. this rebuild sucks….

4.23 million + Colvin + D.J. = two months at third for stewat last season with ZERO

oops… ZERO production and only a questionable chance of being healthy enough to man the positon this year, and if so with middling production?? When was Stewart EVER the second coming of Mike Schmidt? I think Hoystein is adamant about making Stewar work out…must have found Hendry’s koolade left in the lunch room….

Carrie Is that you writing this or THEO?

This 3rd base problem is getting old isn’t it. Maybe Stewart will be better after wrist surgery, maybe not. Maybe Vitters will improve after “working out” all winter, maybe he won’t. Maybe Valbueno will improve playing in Venezuela, maybe he won’t. Maybe they will move Castro to 3rd, maybe they won’t. And on and on we go guessing and pondering the outcome. I guess we will have to “wait and see” as usual. I still want Tony C. coming back, I like what Sappelt is doing in the off season. We still have alot of positives for the upcoming season. Rizzo, Barney, Castro, etc. I can hardly wait for the games to begin again!

get over the trade… thats not the issue here… move on

This signing is a dreadful development. Stewart failed to perform last season, and he is rewarded for that failure. Good grief!

WOW I think for the first Time we all agree that uhh This kinda sucks right NOW!!!

I have always voiced that I get the rebuild BUT as the #3 market in MLB and a LOT OF CASH — they HAVE to at least TRY and put a Product out on the field that as fans we THINK hey MAYBE!!!!

I’m hoping that being the #3 market in baseball is what Theo has in mind when, in a few years he finally puts his team together and SPENDS BIG TIME to get us over the hill and into the WS. I get the feeling that he is waiting in the weeds to make sure when the Cubs explode it will pretty much be the cherry on top of an awesome team. Still, the Stewart trade made a little sense at the time, and was an understandable gamble. Re-signing him is a sign of desperation to make a trade work which dosen’t bode well. Even if Stewart’s wrist is recovered I have a hard time projecting him as a serious run producer. This is more in line with Hendry’s MO…throw good money after bad. At least it’s not a guaranteed contract, THAT’S smart and not at all like Hendry’s MO, thank goodness.

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