12/11 Report: Phillies interested in Soriano

According to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com and MLB Network, the Cubs and Phillies have discussed a deal that would send Alfonso Soriano to Philadelphia in exchange for Domonic Brown. Heyman notes the Phillies may be more inclined to sign a free agent, such as Cody Ross. The Cubs are reportedly willing to pay $10 million of the $38 million remaining on Soriano’s deal if they can get top prospects in return. Soriano, who turns 37 in January, batted .262 with 32 home runs lsat season. As a player with 10-and-5 rights, he would have to approve the deal.

— Carrie Muskat


sounds like a good deal to me. we would be getting younger. and domonic brown is a good young ball player

It does sound like a good deal! We would be getting younger and Dominic Brown is…doesn’t matter who he is or how good he is…he would be THE GUY, finally…THE GUY. GO PHILLIES!!!!

Just a little tid-bit like this is enough to make all us reasonable Cubs’ fans warm and fuzzy!!! If this happens I would hope the Phillies make it to the World Series just because they were kind enough to take Soriano off our hands and then Soriano can go out with a little style too, good for him cause it ain’t happening with the Cubs buddy boy so PLEASE don’t nix ANY deal if you’re serious about WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE YOU NEED AN OXYGEN TANK OR A KNEE REPLACEMENT (too late for knee?).

I was born in Philadelphia 76 yrs. ago. Soriano would probably like it there. There is a huge eagle in what used to be Wanamakers and is now Macy’s. Whenever we went shopping we would say “meet you at the eagle”. This would be a good trade for Soriano and I hope he takes advantage of the opportunity. Whatever he does I wish him the best.

I agree White, let’s keep our hopes up, high and ALIVE…IT’S ALIVE!!!! 🙂

so you were a philly 76er?

Cubs are going to have to eat more than 10 mill… don’t get your hopes up guys.

Yup! A Philly 76er! Now I am an Oregon duck! Grew my webfeet years ago. Maybe Soriano will go – we seem to be grooming a ton of outfielders for 2013. Is this the Cub’s “fiscal cliff” or what?

I keep reading the headline over an over…even if it never happens….the headline is awesome.

From MLB TradeRumors:
The Cubs are believed to be willing to pay $26MM of the $36MM remaining on Soriano’s deal if they can get quality prospects in return. The Phillies like Soriano offensively but have reservations about his defensive play, despite his improvement last season. Soriano, who will turn 37 next month, hit .262/.322/.499 with 32 home runs in 615 plate appearances.
Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/#5fGLpkUQLJmScIVe.99

Hmmmm….so I am not the only one that questions Sorianos “ability” to play defense.
Turns out a MAJOR LEAGUE team agrees!! Evidently Soriano was only able to fool a select few with his “stellar” defense last season. I just hope the Phillies will overlook Soriano’s bad defense, lack of instincts, bad knees, poor plate discipline, and instead focus on the $26 mil the Cubs are willing to completley throw away
and his ability to somehow still drive in runs, a quality that a CONTENDING team could put to use.

well Carrie MLBTR is saying paying all BUT 10 MILLION… not just 10 million… could you please clarify?

ya sure this trade would be fine but realize how bad our lineup is going to be without soriano… we are talking historically BAD……… terrible… worse than last year by far…….

They should structure the seat prices to the proximity of badness. First base seats would cost the most being closet to the good players,Rizzo and Barney…..Center field and Right field $2 each, Left field seats $.50 cents each and Thirdbase seats would free???

Joey, you are a hoot! LOL Needed a little humor today! Has anyone heard if Soriano is going to the Phillies?

You’re a hoot too White!! Because if I heard that Soriano was going to the Phillies….BOY WOULD I BE ALL OVER THIS BLOG!!! Let’s keep our fingers crossed…..

Dear God….

did everyone forget the 10-5 rights..? unfortunately, from what he’s said in the past, I don’t think Soriano’s going anywhere. My guess is, come 2014, Soriano will still be on the Cubs, but hopefully just keeping the bench warm for younger more talented players, only grabbing a bat for the occasional dh. Here’s hoping though.

obivously Soriano loves the Chicago Cubs . or he wouldn,t have signed a 8 year contract 6 years ago. he played for Texas, the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals. 3 good teams argeed?? to leave Washington and finish his career with the Cubs. obivouly he thought and still thinks he can help Chicago. although Jim Hendry did over pay for his services. i hope he continues his new found playing of 2012.

Yes, I do know that Soriano loves the Cubs. I also know that the other players have a great deal of respect for and like Soriano alot! He does have a very positive attitude and the players respond to his positivity. If he does go to Phillie I think he will like the city alot. If he does not go to Phillie I hope he will have another good year with the Cubs. What else can we hope for- He is not the biggest problem for the Cubs to solve. I think 3rd base and pitching far surpass the problem of what will happen with Soriano.

yes i agree third base is a big problem, why have the Cubs passed on Kevin Youkilis, Casey Mcgehee, Brandon Inge , Drew Sutton and Jeff Keppinger?? plus last season John Lanahan of Washington was in triple A. Washington wouldn,t trade him as the Cubs were interested in the left hander. but this off season he becomes a free agent and the Cubs pass on him among other good pitchers that are slipping away. what gives??

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