12/13 Cubs and Sanchez – UPDATED

Anibal Sanchez apparently has decided to stay with the Tigers. The Cubs were one of the teams to make an offer to the free agent pitcher, but he agreed to a five-year, $80 million contract with Detroit. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and MLB Network, the Cubs did discuss a five-year, $75 million deal, and apparently raised the salary figure to $77.5 million early Friday. Sanchez, 28, would have given the Cubs a more competitive rotation next season. However, he had to decide whether to join a team still in rebuilding mode or stay with the defending American League champions.

— Carrie Muskat


ah nards!! i wish it was true that the Cubs did sign Anibal Sanchez, it would have given us a good starting rotation. hope it still happens though!!

with this offense there is pretty much no way we stay out of 90+ losses… 100 if we sell at the deadline like we did last year. Especially if we trade Soriano bc whether you want to hear it or not he is the best run producer on this team right now… granted Rizzo could take a step forward and produce big time but as of RIGHT NOW… Soriano is our best run producer.

If the Cubs sign Sanchez it will mark the SERIOUS beginning of the type of team Theo promised. And a five year deal will show that commitment. The launching of Soriano would need to happen soon after making room for a COMPLETE ball player that will help win games in more ways than driving in runs. This NEEDS to happen, no doubt about it, Soriano and his post season ba of .195 is NOT the player that belongs on a championship building TEAM as he is ONLY a home run hitting, free swing for the fences, add to my runs batted in totals type of player with NOTHING else to contribute toward a victory of one game let alone a victorious season. This would be all about Sanchez and the admission that pitching is the key to winning and Soriano is an inconsequential after thought, hold-over MISTAKE that Hoystein must be hard at work trying to dump. 2013 might be another losing record with or without Sanchez and the team certainly would not be concerned in 2013 should they lose Soriano’s run production. It would only facilitate REPLACING OVERALL PRODUCTION and overall production from the current Cubs outfield is abysmal.

totally agree with you.


The Braves don’t have any interest in trading for Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano, tweets David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Cubs are willing to pay $26MM of Soriano’s remaining $36MM salary in a trade and have shopped the veteran to the Astros and Phillies this offseason.
Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/#EmfYEPDWjYkIxPDb.99

Really? The Braves have no interest in Soriano??? Shocking.
Hoystein might want to start bumping that 26 million up to $36 million and he still may not get any takers…

I am going to suggest a trade with the Tigers…. Castro for Rick Porcello, Aviel Garcia, Brendon Bosch, Jhonny Peralta and Danny Worth. The Cubs improve immediately. They need depth and the Tigers need a shortstop…..

Don’t forget to insist on getting Jim Leyland too, we will give them Soriano to sweeten the deal…

It was a nice thought….but don’t you think the Cubs SHOULD be an owner ready to buy a contender at any cost? Over a hundred years…if that doesn’t justify it, what will? Plus we no longer have Hendry making bone-headed acquistions to “buy a contender”, we now have people that see things differently, such as Sanchez, a very bankable, young pitcher…certainly no Zambrano who Hendry thought was worth over spending for…

Obviously the great and allmighty run producing juggenaut Soriano who some believe to be a good outfielder is not enough to get players of Sanchez’s ilk to come flocking to and play with. These players are TOO SMART to be fooled by the “presence” of Soriano. It is clearly up to Hoystein to rectify this situation by launching Soriano and GETTING the one domino player that will EFFECTIVLEY start the other dominos to fall. It’s a catch 22, right? Sanchez could have been that player that broadcast to the rest of the players that the Cubs indeed are serious….alas it is not to be and regardless of how many very talented youngsters (i.e. Castro, Rizzo) the new Cubs regime claim to be critical in building a winner (and that is true) there still must be a player or two of much higher caliber, Sachez (not Zambrano), Upton (not DeJesus), Cabrera (not Stewart)…to that effect. Not saying all the greats can be had but one if not two are going to be needed at a HIGH cost in order to get this show on the road. Hendry thought he had that player in Soriano, what a laugh. NOW it’s Theo’s turn to overspend on HIS cornerstone player and for the love of all that is Cubdom I believe he won’t pull another Soriano as what may have happended with the Angels and Pujols. THAT deal may make the Soriano deal look more understandable. Why sign
such aging players (even Hamiltion….) at a time in their career when the GM would have to know it will wind up bad? So far Theo has avoided this Jim Hendry syndrome. But time is fleeting and he WILL have to come closer to such a move, just a BETTER player.

ya I think he used us for leverage but we all would wouldn’t we?

I agree with you Mamma, Sanchez probably would not have come to the Cubs if the money was EQUAL as he knows the talent sure isnt…I don’t think it was the 1 – 3 mil that made him leave the Cubs offer.

haha amazing so its all soriano fault the cubs didn’t get Sanchez? haha seriously? I didn’t read that whole pile of garage you wrote but its what I took from the first few sentences.

is this overpay by the Angels, Tigers, and Dodgers? Or is this the new trend? The big market teams keep getting bigger…. the new TV deals are HUGE!!! The cubs should get around what the dodgers got if not even MORE!!!! I mean we could look at just inflating contracts here guys…. when the whole market is overpaying it becomes the average after time…. SP is $$$…. big time bats are $$$$… thats just how it is but we should be well hedged with the young kids in the system.

how is it poor decision making? you have no clue what the angels or dodgers can pay… if they compete for a WS isn’t it worth it? Those players signed by those teams didn’t go to a rival so isn’t that a win win? The Dodgers just got BILLIONS of dollars for the TV deal…. they can handle an inflated payroll. Now are they getting good value for their players? HECK NO! Not even close but they could/should and probably will win a lot of games. I am not saying spend wrecklessly but eventually the Cubs are going to need a big time player or two signed in FA…. we need to open our pocket books a little. We lost out on Sanchez because of a measily 1mill to 1.5 mill (to beat Tigers offer)……. thats RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

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