12/13 Cubs and Sanchez – UPDATED

Anibal Sanchez apparently has decided to stay with the Tigers. The Cubs were one of the teams to make an offer to the free agent pitcher, but he agreed to a five-year, $80 million contract with Detroit. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and MLB Network, the Cubs did discuss a five-year, $75 million deal, and apparently raised the salary figure to $77.5 million early Friday. Sanchez, 28, would have given the Cubs a more competitive rotation next season. However, he had to decide whether to join a team still in rebuilding mode or stay with the defending American League champions.

— Carrie Muskat


ah nards!! i wish it was true that the Cubs did sign Anibal Sanchez, it would have given us a good starting rotation. hope it still happens though!!

with this offense there is pretty much no way we stay out of 90+ losses… 100 if we sell at the deadline like we did last year. Especially if we trade Soriano bc whether you want to hear it or not he is the best run producer on this team right now… granted Rizzo could take a step forward and produce big time but as of RIGHT NOW… Soriano is our best run producer.

If the Cubs sign Sanchez it will mark the SERIOUS beginning of the type of team Theo promised. And a five year deal will show that commitment. The launching of Soriano would need to happen soon after making room for a COMPLETE ball player that will help win games in more ways than driving in runs. This NEEDS to happen, no doubt about it, Soriano and his post season ba of .195 is NOT the player that belongs on a championship building TEAM as he is ONLY a home run hitting, free swing for the fences, add to my runs batted in totals type of player with NOTHING else to contribute toward a victory of one game let alone a victorious season. This would be all about Sanchez and the admission that pitching is the key to winning and Soriano is an inconsequential after thought, hold-over MISTAKE that Hoystein must be hard at work trying to dump. 2013 might be another losing record with or without Sanchez and the team certainly would not be concerned in 2013 should they lose Soriano’s run production. It would only facilitate REPLACING OVERALL PRODUCTION and overall production from the current Cubs outfield is abysmal.

totally agree with you.


The Braves don’t have any interest in trading for Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano, tweets David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Cubs are willing to pay $26MM of Soriano’s remaining $36MM salary in a trade and have shopped the veteran to the Astros and Phillies this offseason.
Read more at http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/#EmfYEPDWjYkIxPDb.99

Really? The Braves have no interest in Soriano??? Shocking.
Hoystein might want to start bumping that 26 million up to $36 million and he still may not get any takers…

I am going to suggest a trade with the Tigers…. Castro for Rick Porcello, Aviel Garcia, Brendon Bosch, Jhonny Peralta and Danny Worth. The Cubs improve immediately. They need depth and the Tigers need a shortstop…..

Don’t forget to insist on getting Jim Leyland too, we will give them Soriano to sweeten the deal…

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