12/23 Ho, Ho, Ho

Happy holidays to Cubs fans, loyal readers and passers by. Hope everyone is healthy, smiling, and safe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’s another outfielder under the tree on Christmas morning.

— Carrie Muskat


Is that just a wish list, or do you know something?

How about a 3rd baseman from Santa? Happy Holidays to all and to all a good 2013 both on and off the field.

Hope everyone is having a great day!πŸ™‚ whoop

Happy Holidays, Isabel and all! Pray for all the beautiful lost children in Newtown and their brave teachers. And be thankful for all our blessings.

Thanks White! This Christmas I received passes for the Cubs convention!πŸ™‚ I began to tear up. This is the best!! And yes white, for those kids, that was a horrible tragedy.

Hoorah Isabel!!!! You can go to the convention!!!!! Be sure to tell Barney that your name is Isabel and that is all I have to say about that. You are the best.

Whoop! ThanksπŸ™‚

Carrie, the All-Star studded, World Series charging outfield of the the Great and Powerful Soriano, The Absolutley Mediocre DeJesus and The Next Savior Of The Day Schierholtz doesn’t impress? Good, nice to know you still have all your faculties!!!πŸ™‚ The cubs would have been better off with Reed Johnson, Tony Campana and Tyler Colvin….THAT says a lot.

Mamma Mia – That is fascinating. Now I know what Happy Festivus is. Thanks! I will read more about it later today. Boy oh boy do I have some grievances – but they are not baseball related. They are “mass killing” connected – 20 beautiful children and 6 brave teachers and 100’s of others this year because the NRA will not address the issue of people being allowed to own guns of mass destruction. I do believe people should be allowed to carry guns (rifles for hunting, etc.) but NOT the guns used in these murders. Sorry, I am venting. Anyway, that is my grievance today. Hope you air your grievances and get it all out of your system. LOL

Wow. I can see from all the comments about guns that it is going to be a long struggle to reach any conclusions or solutions to stopping mass shootings in the USA, It is called “freedom of speech” and we are blessed in this country to have that freedom. I also wonder how the freedom to carry guns helped those children in Newtown or the teachers who tried to save them. Was this our final signal to do something about people being allowed to carry guns of mass destruction? Has anyone heard what Gabby Gifford thinks about these guns?
Oh, I thought Mamma Mia said he had signed on to play 3rd base. Problem solved! LOL

Well if I can put my comment too about the guns issue I would like to. Im still in school and I have younger siblings in grammer. I was very angry because I saw my brother in some other little boy…it got me very, very angry! But I still dont think/agree with teachers having guns. How about take them away in general?? I know that this was a horrible tragedy and I hate what happened, but Im scared of what else might have happened if there Where more guns in the school.

But I still think what happened was horrible and shouldnt happen at ALL! I wish it didnt…but I also understand that Its pretty impossible to get rid of all the guns but I hope it can happen!❀

Isabel, I am very glad to hear your views about the horrible tragedy that happened in Newtown. I know it must concern you deeply – your being in school and having younger siblings in school, too. I am very sorry that you have to have this kind of worry in your young life. I am sure there will be many, many debates and arguments concerning what to do about the mass murders that are occurring in this country. At this point I am terribly disappointed in the NRA’s take on the subject. All they can seem to think to do is put more and more guns in schools rather than remove the kind of guns used in the mass killings from the hands of the public. I think the best thing we can all do now is to SPEAK UP AND MAKE A HUGE NOISE about what needs to be done. I for one will NOT SHUT UP until I feel that I have done everything I can to see changes made in gun laws. I am proud of you for being a part of the conversation. I think those 20 beautiful children and 6 brave teachers would want us to fight for gun reform to prevent further massacres. You are a fine person.


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