12/31 Thanks, everyone

It’s time to bid goodbye to 2012 — and hopefully, the last 100-loss season I cover — and also a chance to say thank you to loyal readers and commenters. For the second straight year, Joeydafish ranked No. 1 in terms of posting the most comments, followed by Petrey, Mamma Mia and C White. Even though she’s a favorite here, Darwin Barney’s No. 1 fan Isabel did not reach the top five (maybe next year). According to the blogmaster, this site received 860,000 visits in 2012 — more than 16 times the number of tourists who visit the country of Lichtenstein in a single year (I’m not making that up). I appreciate the effort, the thoughtfulness, and your passion. Here’s to a winning season in 2013.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, thank you for all your great postings! But I must say, I thought I was Barney’s #1 fan. Dang – I’ll have to work harder at it!!! Don’t you just love Isabel. She has such passion and love for Barney AND the Cubs and is a wise young lady. I look forward to your postings and everyone’s remarks every day. Happy New Year to all.

Thanks White!πŸ™‚ Your very nice. But I’m sorry to say, I’m Barney’s number 1 fan!πŸ™‚

Carrie, thanks for all your contributions. You have my admiration. Is a heavy lift covering a 100 loss team and is a task I could not perform. Let’s hope such futility is not repeated in our lifetimes. Happy New Year!

You’re looking forward to covering no more 100-loss seasons. I’m looking forward to when the comes play their first exhibition game in Lichtenstein against the Luxembourg Waffelmeisters.

It’s the Luxembourg Eagles, one of 5 teams in the country Luxembourg. Don’t take the waffles away from the BelgiansπŸ™‚

heres to probably a 90 loss season… yeah!!!

Petrey, is that you? Haven’t heard from you for ages. I see you are still feeling pretty negative about the Cubs chances. Sure hope we do better than you predict – guess this is a wait-and-see situation. Can hardly wait for the games to begin. And a Happy New Year to all.

As long as I’m known as Barney’s number 1 fan!πŸ™‚

Isabel, Isabel – I want to be Barney’s #l fan. Game on? Happy New Year dear girl.

Haha game on!πŸ™‚ but I must warn you, I know all his stats okay? Just make sure your ready for this!πŸ™‚ haha. And yes happy new year to you too!

Hope you’re ready for a big suckfest Cubs fans!! I wouldn’t go to a game next season if they paid me.

Well I am getting ready for a great 2013 season for the Cubs. Win or lose they are MY guys. I plan to watch every single game on my big TV screen and can hardly wait for the games to begin. And, of course, Isabel and I now have a contest on – she thinks she is the biggest Barney fan but I am! HaHa , LOL

White, I have possion! …and a lot! You have not seen my room! I have a folder full of his stats and 2 autographed balls, a used bat from a game. Plus I have memorized his stats from the end of the year!πŸ˜€ LOL.

Carrie, can you please let Barney know that Im going to the Cubs Convention and that Im super excited!πŸ™‚ haha!

He knows. LOL

He does? How? LOL. I hope so!

If you have the opportunity to speak to the second baseman, would you please ask him what he did in the off season to make himself a force offensively,equivalent to his defensive prowess.

Im not really sure I will be able to speak! I think I will be lost for words! Haha. I think Ill just be staring at him and wont believe Im actually meeting him!

He went to Arizona to work with the batting coaches He worked out continuously at the gym and at batting practice in Beaverton, Oregon. He will return to Chicago all beefed up and ready to go.
Get ready for a great season from all the Cubs players. Whoopee.

Am impressed with your knowledge of Barney’s regimen, White. You’ve done your homework and are a serious observer of the Cubs’ scene.

You betcha – I am a really really real Cubs fan. I watch every single game on by big TV And everyone knows that Barney is my favorite!!! Isabel and I are having a contest to see who is the biggest Barney fan!! HaHa. Happy New Year

Sorry but he’s all mineπŸ™‚ haha

White, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And to all as well! Give it up….I don’t think ANYBODY can challenge Isabel when it comes to Barney!!! But good luck White, you are a class act. Carrie has done yet another splendid job with all of our personalities….ALL TOGETHER, we make a great blog!!
Our Cubs will make progress by leaps and bounds in 2013, year two of the Theo dynasty. We had to get year one out of the way and now only a bad outfield, bad third baseman and a suspect pitching staff stands in our way of a World Series! All will be addressed in earnest if not prior to this season then during it. Hopefully beginning with the removal of Soriano.

Joey, Joey – You can’t be serious! I have to give it up to Isabel??? I know it will be a challenge but someone has to do it – and Isabel knows I’m on her trail! Love to all in the New Year. LOL

I guess she has to learn the hard way, huh Joey? Haha! Happy New year Joey and congrats on being the Number 1 commenter! Whoop!

You are a feisty young lady aren’t you!!! This will be a contest of age before beauty I guess. Love ya, Isabel. LOL

Haha! Im only fiesty when I have to prove myself to people! Haha!! And especially when it comes to baseball, the Cubs, I get SUPER crazy!πŸ˜€ love ya too White! Haha

this blog is seriously creepy…

Well hi petrey! Welcome back. Don’t hesitate to blog here. We love blogging with retards. All kidding aside I hope you have a very Happy New Year and that you are ready for the 2013 Cubs season. Let’s all be positive about this year! LOL

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