1/1 Happy New Year

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals


Happy New Year to you too, Carrie. Looking forward to following all of your great work again in 2013!

I hope that this year we do much better!! I think we will. Like every Cub fan says every year, I think this is the year!🙂 I hope we’re right this time!

I liked LaHair alot too. I wish him the best in Japan. Hate to see some of our players move on. They get to seem like family. And, again, thank you Carrie for your forever patience with your fiesty fans! Do we give you headaches? We really do enjoy your great work and look forward to something new everyday. And, Isabel, I agree – the Cubs will rock in 2013. Hoorah! You are all the best.

Haha bet we do give Carrie a headache!🙂 and yes 2013!! Cant wait!

Right you are Isabel!!! AGAIN!!! HA. Happy New Year!!!

Haha just trying to keep my hopes up!!

Cubs will win their division in 2013

And I am not drinking!

But maybe Carrie is?!?!?!????? 🙂 Who wouldn’t with US commenting as we do!!!
Happy New Year to you Cubs Talk!

2013 Cubs victories by their pitchers…..
(*) indicates call up player
(DL) Pitcher starting the season the DL

Baker – 8
Bowden – 2
Cabrera – 2
Camp – 2
* Castillo – 0
* Coleman – 1
* Dolis – 0
Feldman – 5
Fuijkawa – 2
(DL) Garza – 12
Jackson – 12
Marmol – 4
* McNutt -1
* Parker – 1
* Raley – 1
Rondon – 3
* Rusin – 1
Russell – 4
Samardzija – 10
Takahashi – 2
* Vizcaino – 3
Villanueva – 5
* Wade – 1
Wood – 10

Not to worry. I keep aspirin close at hand. Happy 2013, folks

Haha! Good, we all know with the Cubs fans, you’re gonna need it! Haha

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