1/3 Some Jackson trivia

New Cubs pitcher Edwin Jackson will wear No. 36. The number apparently has special meaning to the right-hander. Don Newcombe, the first African-American pitcher for the Dodgers, also wore No. 36. According to former Dodgers GM Dan Evans, Jackson selected the number when he played in L.A. Newcombe became a mentor for Jackson at an early stage in his career. Jackson was drafted by the Dodgers in the sixth round in 2001, and broke into the Majors at the age of 19 in 2003. He appeared in 19 games over three seasons with the Dodgers, and was 6-4 with a 5.50 ERA. Newcombe spent eight seasons with the Dodgers (1949-51 and 1954-58), and won 27 games in 1956.

More Jackson trivia: He won his Major League debut, Sept. 9, 2003, while pitching for the Dodgers against the D-Backs and Randy Johnson, a 4-1 decision in Arizona. That also was Jackson’s 20th birthday.

— Carrie Muskat


Hi expectations abound! I think this to be one of the better decisions by Hoystein.

I love “Jackson” trivia……lets see if anyone knows these answers…..

Who is known as “Mr October” ?

A- Edwin Jackson
B- Reggie Jackson
C- Michael Jackson
D- Andrew Jackson

Who is on a $20 bill?

A- Edwin Jackson
B- Jesse Jackson
C- Andrew Jackson
D- Samuel L. Jackson

Who played “Action Jackson” in the movie?

A- Edwin Jackson
B- Samuel L. Jackson
C- Janet Jackson
D- Carl Weathers

Which player is in the HOF?

A- Edwin Jackson
B- Reggie Jackson
C- Shoeless Joe Jackson
D- LaToya Jackson

Who was consider an original “Angel”?

A- Edwin Jackson
B- Reggie Jackson
C- Kate Jackson
D- Randy Jackson

Which Jackson has no talent at all?

A- Janet Jackson
B- LaToya Jackson
C- Randy Jackson
D- All of the Above

Which Player is the new Cubs pitcher?

A- Edwin Jackson
B- Stonewall Jackson
C- Jesse Jackson
D- Samuel L. Jackson

If you answer all the questions above correctly, you may receive several “Jackson’s” in the mail…….or have Samuel L. Jackson come ring your door bell and take a bite out of your burger.

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