1/7 Sosa waits for HOF results

The Sammy Sosa Inspiration Field and Cubs Care Park, which was unveiled in September 2002 at the New City YMCA in Chicago, is gone. It was demolished for a proposed retail complex. Sosa’s No. 21 has been handed out to Cubs players such as Jason Marquis, Milton Bradley, Tyler Colvin and Joe Mather.

But Sammy hasn’t been forgotten. On Wednesday, Sosa will find out if he will be elected into the Hall of Fame. This is the first year he’s on the ballot. What’s he been up to since his last at-bat in September 2007?

He welcomed his fifth child, a daughter, in December 2011. He’s become involved in business ventures, including Riverhead Homes, which provides steel-framed houses built to withstand natural disasters. Riverhead is attempting to develop a residential community in Jamaica and Haiti.

Last year, Sosa took another step in his effort to make a difference. He expanded his business interests and became chief executive officer of INJEX, which has created a needle-free drug delivery system designed to help people afraid of needles who must subject themselves to daily self-injections, such as diabetics. His motivation to get involved was personal: Sosa worked at a hospital in the Dominican Republic when he was young and remembers getting poked by used needles in the garbage. He also put off seeing a dentist because of his fear of needles. Dentists now can treat their patients and ease that fear by using the needle-free device. A Miami dentist is using INJEX and getting good reviews from his patients.

A candidate must receive 75 percent of the vote from eligible Baseball Writers’ Association of America members to gain election to the Hall of Fame. Shortstop Barry Larkin (86.4 percent) earned his ticket to Cooperstown on the 2012 ballot. Starting pitcher Jack Morris (66.7 percent) and first baseman Jeff Bagwell (56 percent) are the top returning vote-getters from last year’s ballot.

Sosa finished his career with 609 home runs, and is the only player with three seasons of at least 60 homers each.

— Carrie Muskat


OH MY GOSH!!! SAMMY SOSA! Growing up he was my hero!!! I loved to watch him play! He was the best in my eyes! So much talent. He was great🙂

If anyone is in suspense about this matter, I can relieve it. Don`t like to see anyone suffer needlessly. Sammy`s not going to come anywhere close to being elected to the HOF. 75%? please; he`ll be fortunate to receive 25%. The voters do not forget he suddenly forgot how to communicate in English at that D.C. hearing several years ago.

Well I hope he does get elected!

SAMMY SOSA SHOULD get in……when allllllll the so called USERS were supposedly caught ……roids were NOT BANNED….they werent banned in 2004-2005 i beleive…………SOOOOO ALL SPECULATION is just that…SPECULATION…WE CAN NOT ASSUME anything…………..LONG LIVE SAMMY SOSA…..another thing…..HOW MANY other cheaters that WERE CAUGHT ARE IN THE HALL ???….HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Only in if Cooperstown builds a steroid wing. Good luck to the king of cork.

What about all the writers and their editors that knew about steroid use and didn’t report it? Where’s the fairness? Where’s the culpability?

What a mess. A case can be made for both sides..in or out. As Jeff pointed out Sosa was not found guilty at the DC hearings so…in? But to have him in the same hallowed halls as Sandberg, Santo and all the other TRULY deserving members seems flat out wrong so…out? What a mess. As Groucho once said, and I paraphrse: “I wouldn’t want to belong to an organization that would have me as a member”.

when sosa was hitting homers did you buy a ticket to the game?

and if you are all uptight about the “cheaters” not making it into the HOF then you need to step back and re analyze the players in the HOF because there is a good number of guys who would cheat to win anyway they could. Its called being competitive and is a natural instinct for these guys.

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