1/7 Thank you

The Cubs may have lost 101 games last season but this blog finished first in 2012, ranking No. 1 among the 30 MLB.com beat writers’ blogs. It’s very humbling. I couldn’t do this without you — even Joeydafish. Many thanks, and here’s to a busy and winning 2013.

— Carrie Muskat


You are welcome, Carrie. We couldn’t have done it without your wonderful posts. You are the best and I for one appreciate you tremendously. You are a real class act – so get your 2013 bottle of aspirin ready and let’s do it again. Oh yes, if Isabel doesn’t get to meet Barney next week we will ALL need tons of boxes of kleenex! Make it happen!!!!!

Hi Carrie, Congrats! But I get your posts through email. Do those still count toward your ranking? What about RSS? -Dave

Congrats Carrie! My first time writing, but look at your blog at least three times a day…everyday. Cubs Convention coming soon!

Welcome, Chad – You should join us writing on the blog. We always welcome new ideas and thoughts – and as you may have noticed love to argue back and forth! So keep on writing if you so choose. The Convention will be fun for all this year. Hope the weather is good so that all the players can get back there safely. Again – keep on posting.

When you write the blog was ranked first, what criteria was used to score that? Does that mean your blog received the most comments of all the 30 MLB blogs or was the quality and content of the comments evaluated as well?

My first time post as well. I have read your stuff for a long time now and just wanted to say how much I appreciated your insight.

Welcome BJacobs – I hope you will continue to write on the posts as well. We need all the fans we can get to share ideas with. It is alot of fun to see what others have to say everyday.

Whoooo Joey!!!!😀 so proud of Joey! Haha. Thanks for being so great Carrie! This is the first time I can talk about the Cubs and not be laughed at because my love of the game!🙂 Thanks again!

Well, where is Joey today? Not a peep. Isabel, don’t ever think you are being laughed at for being a true Cub fan. Your love of baseball is refreshing and delightful. I think you should WHOOP it up for the Cubs everyday and I will WHOOP back at ya.

Boy what a great day today! This blog rocks! Thanks Carrie for maintaining a tremendous way to enjoy conversing with fellow Cubs fans. A truly awesome job. Thanks for thinking of me White! I spent the entire day agonizing just the thought of me asking Soriano for an autograph…too funny Mamma!!

Isabel, anybody laughing at you should be ashamed! You are a breath of fresh air and an awesome Cubs/BARNEY fan!! I am proud of you too!!!! Haha🙂 I hope you get to meet Barney and get his autograph AND do so side by side (or just in FRONT of??? HA!) with White, your fellow Barney admirer. The race is on!!!

Good Morning Joey – Just want to remind you to wish Soriano a Happy Birthday when he signs your glove!#$%!%&(+!#!!!! LOL

Ahhh Joey!!!!😀 Barney???? Omg I know that I will be speachless! Haha!!

congrats Carrie……I love reading your blogs and up to date info on our beloved Cubs!

Your read because you are trustworthy. I go to you for alllllll the Cubbies news.

I would also like to offer my congrats Carrie. I am another daily reader, althought I rarely comment. As a Cubs addict I am constantly looking for news and updates. So, I really appreciate your work and dedication to your blog.

Thanks Carrie. But I read about your HOF vote, and was wanting you to give your reason for leaving Sosa off. I’m not saying I disagree, but would like to hear your take. I know it is a big responcibility. Please post something on this.

Fair enough. I voted for Biggio, Bonds, Clemens, Raines & Trammell. I added Raines & Trammell after re-examining their stats and comparing to other HOFers. I thought long and hard re: Bonds, Clemens, and decided their feats on the field were too overwhelming to ignore. I’ve always considered the HOF to be for the elite players. Sosa didn’t qualify.

Their feats were as overwhelmingly hard too ignore as were their bulging muscles and heads…same qualifications as Sosa….

3 seasons of 60+ hrs wasn’t enough? If anything he was the most consistent in the long ball Era. No one has done what Sammy has done. IMO he should be in if you start letting in PEDs users…. I am also not against PEDs users being in the HOF. First off its hard to show proof they actually used PEDs because sosa wasn’t convicted of it if I remember correctly. Secondly almost all players would cheat to gain and advantage until that cheat was caught and reprimanded. Thirdly we all thought it was awesome when it was goign on and bought a bunch of tickets so I take part of the blame myself so I want them in the HOF. There judgement will come from a higher power than me so I will leave that to him.

A big congrats for you. You’re the first I click on after getting on mlb.com. You work hard and deserve the honor.

Isabel – You cannot be speechless when you meet Barney. You HAVE to tell him your name! AND you can tell him that you are in a contest with an OLD lady named White to see who is the biggest Barney fan.Love ya.

I think I won’t be able to speak!!😮 haha. I’ll try!!!

Isabel, just in case…where a sign hanging from your neck…”Darwin, I’m stammering because I am your biggest fan! Please sign my glove and ignore the old lady RIGHT BEHIND ME”
(You’re awesome White but I still get the feeling Isabel is ALL OVER THIS!!). Youth will not be denied. Good luck ladies!!

Awwwwwwwwwww – Phooeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
By the way, Isabel, that is a good idea to wear a sign around your neck. LOL

Whoooo I think/ know I can beat White! haha

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